Initiative to create awareness on bird conservation

Published : 20 May 2022 08:33 PM

We are committed to protecting the birds. Save the birds, keep the environment healthy and live a happy life. With this slogan in mind, the volunteers of Rangpur have taken an exceptional initiative to create awareness on bird conservation in Rangpur. They have tied earthen pots in the trees along with signboards at important places of Carmichael College, a traditional school in Rangpur, urging people not to kill birds and destroy their habitats. The teachers and students of the college have noticed this exceptional initiative of the bird-loving students and youths who have implemented this great work with their own money. People from all walks of life are getting praise for this work.

They began their day on Thursday by placing earthen pots on the branches of various trees at Carmichael College. Volunteers for Bangladesh Rangpur volunteers use a large ladder to make earthen pots. In addition to planting pottery, they also conduct an awareness campaign. All the members of this organization are college-university students. They said they would build earthen pots at various places in the city, including other colleges in the city, to build a safe bird sanctuary alongside the Carmichael College premises.

Sheikh Saadi, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, Carmichael College, encouraged the audience to be present during the construction of the bird sanctuary. He lauded the initiative of love of exceptional birds and said that the children are definitely doing a good job. I will be by their side in any cooperation in these works. The members of the organization said that the work of building bird habitat will continue and they will also distribute various educational leaflets including miking in the coming days to raise awareness about this issue.

The leader of the project Sadman Sabab said that the role of birds in nature is immense. The chirping of birds makes everyone's mind happy. The number of animals and birds is decreasing day by day due to lack of safe shelter and necessary food. Birds especially take shelter in trees. They lay their eggs on the tree and hatch their young. Moreover, natural calamities i.e. storms and rains cause damage to the birds sheltering in the trees. Unplanned construction of houses, buildings and other structures, filling of ponds, ditches and ponds and bushes are being cut down. This is reducing the habitat of birds. Biodiversity is endangered. 

Considering these aspects, this initiative is taken to ensure a safe habitat for the birds. He said that earthen pots are being tied to the big trees of the college. The tops of the pots are open. The birds will build nests in these earthen pots. That's where we all dream of laying eggs and hatching babies. Jannat Mohana, project officer of Volunteers for Bangladesh, said, "We are creating public awareness in various ways besides putting earthen pots on the trees." So that no one kills birds.

Meanwhile, some people who work with the environment praised the work of building bird habitats, saying that it is definitely good for the environment. Therefore, they urged everyone to come forward in this regard.