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Indomitable Mamata

Published : 02 Oct 2021 10:22 PM | Updated : 03 Oct 2021 12:42 PM

The two-month-long 8-phase electoral battle of the West Bengal Legislative Assembly in 2021 was between an individual and the state power of India. 

Mamata Banerjee’s ideals and philosophy is like that of Mahatma Gandhi. She follows the path of Bengali scholars. Mamata's focus is on all ordinary people of India.

The recent electoral battle has been imposed on Mamata by her main opposition – the ruling party in the Centre BJP. To occupy West Bengal, they allegedly heightened pressure on Mamata and tried their best to break the Trinamool before the election.

The 8-phase election, from March 27 to April 29, was like a 30-day battle of Kurukshetra. The Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers and 17 Chief Ministers of different states became the daily flight passengers from Delhi to Kolkata. 

Propagandas were spread by bringing the Indian media under their control. In the name of survey, all the media outlets gave such a verdict in favour of the BJP that the BJP seemed to have seized power of West Bengal even before the vote, Trinamool leaders claimed.

Meanwhile, Mamata with her rock solid determination stayed on the political field fighting against all odds. She visited the entire West Bengal on a wheelchair with a broken leg at 292 centers.

When the election results came out on May 2, BJP's dream of occupying Bengal did not fulfill. Despite the attempts of the communal party, the Congress, and the CPM, it could not be possible to break the unity of the Bengalis. When the results came out, it could be seen that West Bengal had rejected the rest of the political parties including the BJP, who had resorted to communalism. 

Of the 292 seats, 213 were secured by Mamata's Trinamool Congress.

Nandigram is a Hindu-Muslim-dominated assembly constituency. In the last round of counting, Mamata was declared elected. 

Surprisingly, there was no news of this for three hours after the announcement. At that time there was internet everywhere except the counting center of Nandigram. The entire area was facing load shedding. Three hours later, Mamata Banerjee was declared defeated. At the end, Mamata filed a case in the High Court seeking recount of votes.

Although she could not be elected, she was sworn in as the Chief Minister of Bengal for the third time. Therefore, according to the constitution, Mamata must be elected to the Legislative Assembly within 6 months of taking the oath.

SovandevChattopadhyay, Mamata's first day companion, resigned from Bhabanipurconstituency and providedMamata an opportunity to be elected in the Legislative Assembly.

After much procrastination, the Election Commission announced elections in Samserganj and Jangipur, including Bhabanipur. Mamata Banerjee became a candidate again in Bhabanipur. 

In Bhabanipur, the rate of voting so far has been different such as from 44 to 45 percent in the by-elections and around 50 percent in the general elections. The voting ratethere in the by-elections is a little over (57 percent) this time. Overcoming all odds, Mamata Banerjee has won in Bhabanipur by a margin of at least 50,000 votes.

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