Indian included in the National Film Awards

The Ministry of Information has announced the names of the National Film Award recipients including artistes and technicians for their contribution to the film industry in 2017 and 2018. Last Thursday, the names of the awardees were published in a gazette on the Information Ministry website in a total of 28 categories.

‘Dhaka Attack’ won the Best Film of the Year award in 2017 and ‘Putro’ received the same award for 2018.

But the list also includes the name of an Indian citizen, which is a clear violation of the national award regulations. Among the technicians of the film 'Dhaka Attack’ Md Kalam won the Best Editor Award. He has been named in the list of awardees published by the Ministry of Information.

After his name was published, there have been many criticisms on social media. Many film directors, artistes and technicians have criticized the fact that his name has been included in the list.

However, in the advertisement of application form for National Film Award on 14th February only Bangladeshis will be considered for the awards. It was signed by Vice Chairman of the Bangladesh Film Censor Board, Nizamul Kabir.

Regarding this, jury member Mushfiqur Rahman Gulzar said, ‘No foreign nationals can receive the National Film Award. The jury members do not properly examine the papers. There are other people responsible for this work.

National Film Award winning director Morshedul Islam said, ‘There might have been a mistake. I hope the relevant authorities will correct this mistake.’