Indian couple while entering Bangladesh held with huge Hundi money

Published : 04 Feb 2023 09:51 PM

Three Indian nationals comprising husband, wife and their girl child were grilled by the border guard Bangladesh (BG) personnel on Saturday noon. They were arrested from Lebutala area of Matila border outpost in bordering Moheshpur of Jhenaidah. Said the BGB sources at 58 battalion in Khalaishpur.

The arrested were identified as Sagar Daud, son of Daud Biswas, his wife Praggampad Lagade and their three years girl child Joynab.THey are thwe resident of 191 New Bharatnagar under Maharastra in India.

Later the BGB men had seized over cash taka 12 lakh and 12 thousand from their possession. a laptop, huge electronics devices and Indian credit card wjich they were bearing illegally.

The BGB was processing to file case with Moheshpur police station and hand over tem to the police.