India opens BYD corner in Gulshan cultural centre

Published : 20 Feb 2023 12:11 AM | Updated : 20 Feb 2023 12:00 PM

The Indian High Commission in Dhaka has opened a Bangladesh Youth Delegation (BYD) Corner at its Cultural Center in Gulshan as part of its outreach initiatives to engage with the youth.

High Commissioner Pranay Verma and Deputy Minister of Education Mohibul Hasan Chowdhury Nowfel jointly inaugurated the BYD Corner at an event which was part of programme to reconnect with the alumni of the Bangladesh Youth Delegations.

To further institutionalise the exchanges between the High Commission and the young alumni, a BYD alumni portal was also launched during the programme.

Bangladesh Youth Delegation is a flagship programme conducted under the International Youth Exchange between the Government of India and the Government of Bangladesh. 

The programme aims to promote cultural exchange, leadership development, and people-to-people contacts between the two neighboring countries. 

Since its inception, the programme has provided an opportunity to nearly 800 Bangladeshi youth to visit India and participate in various activities that promote cultural exchange and mutual understanding between the two countries.

The BYD corner will provide a unique opportunity for the delegates to meet, interact and share their experiences. Regular meet-ups would be organised at the BYD corner for the alumni.

The High Commission said it was also in the process of providing further opportunities and facilities to the BYD alumni in terms of internships, scholarships and other services.

In his address, High Commissioner Pranay Verma  emphasised the importance of the youth as a precious link between India and Bangladesh. 

He expressed his conviction in the ability of the vibrant and dynamic youth of Bangladesh in building closer ties between the two countries, and establishing strong bonds of friendship based on mutual respect and understanding.

 The High Commissioner also highlighted the significance of the ties between India and Bangladesh, which are rooted in the shared sacrifices of the Liberation War.

He expressed his confidence that the Bangladesh Youth Delegation alumni, through their diverse backgrounds and experiences will make a significant contribution to their communities, their country, and to the world.

"The gathering of Bangladesh Youth Delegation alumni was a unique opportunity for the alumni to reconnect, share their experiences, and renew their commitment to the values of friendship, understanding, and cooperation that underpin the idea behind the programme," the High Commission said in a statement.

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