Increase budget in education sector

To add value to our students

As reported by this daily on Wednesday, education ministry has sought Tk 61,097.75 crore budget for fiscal 2019-2020 in order to further improve quality of education. It needs no emphasizing that an increased budget in education sector and its effective utilization will not only help us to improve the quality of education but also will help add value to our quality of students. 

Low budgetary allocation is one of the main factors hindering the country’s sustainable development in the education sector. The ratio of the education budget to the GDP should be increased to six percent whereas over the past 15 years the ratio has hovered around merely two percent. Bangladesh’s share of spending on education is lower than that of South Asian average and about half of Malaysia’s share of spending on education. Considering this, Bangladesh should look forward to attaining a higher budgetary allocation for the education sector. 

There is no denying that Bangladesh has achieved remarkable success in gender parity in school enrolment with more girls in school than boys. Undoubtedly, the country has huge potential to create a globally completive workforce by investing more in education. But despite Bangladesh’s notable success in bringing nearly all children across the country to primary school, the quality of education remains a concern. Many young students in Bangladesh, as in other low and middle-income countries, find it hard to get good jobs because of the sheer inconsistency between the education system and job market. The country should address this crisis by investing more in education and ensuring effective utilization of the investment.

We have been longing for reformation and rectification of our education sector for many years. We hope the government will give its best to reform our education sector and uphold its integrity. We are living in an age where the world is marching towards building a knowledge-based society and the nations which will be most skilled and innovative are likely to take the lead here. Only an education system befitting the present world can produce such efficient human resources. This is why we feel a strong need for an increased investment in this sector and we envisage that the government will address the need for allocating more budget in the country’s education sector and act accordingly.