Increase allocations to health sector

Proper work plan needed for development

Public life in the time of coronavirus infection around the world is unbearable and disoriented. Although a small number of sick people are covered by medical services, the majority of healthy and able-bodied people are trapped at home. 

The whole world is in extreme danger of health risks. Bangladesh is a small developing country in South Asia. A devastating pandemic that has hit hard on the growing path of development can be quite hampering for development. 

As the number of victims increases, so does the picture of recovery. Although the death toll has risen, it is still at a tolerable level for the country. However, it is difficult to say whether any terrible situation is waiting ahead. 

As a result, the image of the country’s health management is coming to the forefront. The adequacy of doctors, health workers and related equipment has also been questioned. 

The health sector must be identified as one of the 

critically important fields in this catastrophic crisis by 

introducing  a trend of  consistency in the new plan 

and making it people-friendly

Patients with coronavirus often recover by taking conventional medications rather than following the necessary hygiene rules. Some patients need emergency equipment, including oxygen and ventilators, which are essential to cope with the risk of fatality. And there are as many unwanted issues taking place. 

There are reports saying that there is a shortage of oxygen and ventilator equipment in the country. This can cause patients to suffer from not being able to get treatment. 

This threatens the entire health system. As a result, there will be an urgent need not only to keep a close watch on this management, but also to come up with a sound plan of action, which will come through budget allocations. The next 2020-21 national budget will be announced in early June. 

At this crucial time of the presentation of the budget, the health sector must be identified as one of the critically important fields in this catastrophic crisis by introducing a trend of consistency in the new plan and making it people-friendly.

It is learned that only Tk 800 crore, which is more than what was allocated in the health sector in the current financial year, has been given. More money is needed at the moment to reshape the at risk health sector.