Inauguration of HSIA third terminal

We applaud Sheikh Hasina

Published : 08 Oct 2023 09:34 PM

We applaud Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for her relentless hard work to make Bangladesh a 

developed country, like Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore  by 2041.

Awami League government-led by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has been doing everything to develop all sectors in the country since 2009 amid conspiracies, natural disasters and pandemic. So, her government has already proved that it believes in deeds and not words by implementing third terminal of Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport (HSIA), elevated expressway, metro rail and Padma bridge.

She inaugurated the much-awaited third terminal of HSIA on Saturday, saying Bangladesh would be an international aviation hub. None have made such a huge development in the aviation sector in the past.

City’s people also celebrated the memorable and historic grand gala inauguration ceremony of the dream third terminal of HSIA and witnessed the history as it has opened up new horizon in the country’s aviation sector.

None can stop the 

indomitable pace of the

 country’s advancement

Bangladesh’s HSIA or Cox's Bazar International Airport will be the international aviation hub for its geographical location as it is in between air routes of the East and the West. The global airlines will land either at HSIA or Cox's Bazar International Airport for refueling. Once Hong Kong was the international aviation hub and Singapore later replaced Hong Kong and now Dubai has become the new aviation hub. 

The third terminal with modern facilities will help expand international air connectivity. The air link will boost international trade, commerce and business significantly for which her government has given utmost priorities to the development of the aviation sector.

The opening of the facility at HSIA is a milestone initiative to turn Bangladesh into a global aviation hub which helps flourish country's tourism and thus immensely contribute to the national economy.

Different foreign airlines eye starting their operation from HSIA in Dhaka, which is expected to play a great role in taking the country's aviation sector forward. So, today, we people of the country are very happy, proud and overwhelmed. We think the implementation of different mega projects like Padma Bridge, metrorail and elevated express way has already given us the courage to stand high with confidence across the globe as a symbol of wealth management, transparency, accountability and efficiency.

Through implementation of this latest one (third terminal of HSIA) long standing expectation of the people of country has been fulfilled. So, this super structure will end the long-standing sufferings of the people of on the one hand, and accelerate the economy on the other hand.

We express our firm conviction that Bangladesh will never bow down to any pressure rather the country will move ahead with the strength of people. None can stop the indomitable pace of the country’s advancement as it has become a “role model” of development before the world.

Therefore, we believe Bangladesh will be moving forward continuously at an indomitable pace under the leadership of Bangabandhu’s daughter Sheikh Hasina.