In T20 ranking, Bangladesh is only ahead of Zimbabwe

Bangladesh does not play well in T20. It's not a secret. Skipper Shakib Al Hasan let’s it know whenever he gets a chance. Shakib has repeatedly said how far behind Bangladesh is from Afghanistan in terms of the rankings of both teams in this format. Now the question is really, how far back is Bangladesh?

Afghanistan will play the upcoming Twenty20 World Cup directly being 7th in the rankings. Bangladesh is not getting that opportunity. If they want to make the World Cup 'Super Twelve' place, they have to cross the first round for the second time. While Afghanistan was in the same situation at last World Cup, They have made it within three years. But Bangladesh is still in the same position. But in the meantime Bangladesh played only one Twenty20 Asia Cup final. Has beaten West Indies in two series back-to-back. Yet most of the Twenty20 matches Bangladesh start as the underdog.

Bangladesh will ahead of West Indies if they win at least one match from the remaining two matches of the group series in the tri-nation series. But even if they rise to 9th position it will not be able to hide the pitiful condition of Bangladesh. Despite being ranked higher, Bangladesh is lagging behind many other teams in the Twenty20 in terms of total win. So far, Bangladesh have won only 27 matches in 87 matches. Lost in 58 matches. That is, Bangladesh has more than two lose against each win. For Shakibs, win-loss ratio is 0.465.

Most of the top teams are far behind in the rankings in terms of win-loss ratios. However, the two teams that played in the World Cup qualification have taken place here. After winning seven matches in seven matches, the team behind Namibia Jersey. Against that win, this defeat is the smallest country in Europe. None of the other teams at the top have made it to the world map yet. If you hold the standard of playing at least five matches, there is no one in Afghanistan. Afghanistan lost only eight of its eight matches in 22 matches. As a result, their win-loss ratio is 2.5. Pakistan (1.1) and India (4.1) are three and four respectively. Papua New Guinea, who played in the World Cup selection phase, went on to win (6.1).

Twenty20 teams have played at least five matches in the Twenty20. In the case of Bangladesh in the proportion of the victories, the 5th team. Teams like Scotland, Ireland or the Netherlands are far ahead of Bangladesh. Even Hong Kong, Canada, UAE and Nepal are still far behind in the cricket map than Bangladesh. Of the teams that play regular cricket, only two are behind Bangladesh. The only Oman with a century in Bangladesh (1.1). The other is in Zimbabwe.