Improved roads, a boon for CHT

Implement more development schemes

Development of road and transportation sector is the pre-requisite of a region’s development. Over the last ten years, the people of CHT have gone through a number of development initiatives taken by the incumbent government. Road and transportation scene of CHT has drastically changed and consequently lifestyle of hill people has improved in the last decade or so. We welcome the schemes that have been changing the life of the people of CHT. We want more proposals on the part of the 

government for the development of the vast 

hilly region.

The construction of a number of asphalt roads and infrastructural development has made life easier and comfortable here than in the past. Gone are the days when villagers of CHT could not move fast from one place to another as the transportation sector was poor and moreover the region was occupied by insurgent terror groups. 

Now villagers have access to Khagrachhahri, Rangamati and Bandarban towns to sell their crops such as banana, pineapple, orange and mango and other products. This has become possible because of improved road links.

We want all people of the region lead

 a beautiful life by becoming

 self-reliant and nobody lags behind

Reportedly, locally made four-wheelers now plies the Chattogram-Khagracchari, Khgara­chhari-Rangamati road. Locals use this mode of transportation to go to these destinations for earning a livelihood. 

Earlier it took four to five hours to reach Khagrachhari from Chattogram, but now it needs only two-and-a-half hours to travel the same distance through Hathazari-Nazirhat. Also with the construction of new roads, there has been construction of new schools and community clinics in the area. The situation of electricity also has improved remarkably.

Reportedly, after the CHT peace accord, some 108 kilometers of road were expanded in the region. A total of 31 bridges were constructed since 2007 whereas the number of such structures was only two in the past. Bailey bridges were the main problems of road communication in hill districts. Work is going on to turn all 43 bailey bridges into permanent concrete bridges.

It is needless to say that all these development projects have emerged as boon for the people of CHT. We want all people of the region lead a beautiful life by becoming self-reliant and nobody lags behind. In this regard, further projects should be implemented by giving special allocations.