Import-export thru’ Benapole suspended

Published : 31 Jan 2021 09:42 PM

Import-export trade between Bangladesh and India through Benapole port has been suspended since Sunday morning 

The strike was called by the Petrapole Port Life and Livelihood Protection Committee of India. They demanded stopping of harassment of the Indian Border Security Force (BSF) in the import-export trade.

Even though the import-export trade is closed, travel of passengers with passports is normal. However, delivery of goods including unloading of goods is underway at Benapole port.

Hundreds of trucks carrying goods have been blocked from entering the ports of the two countries due to the suspension of import-export trade.

As a result, traders have suffered huge losses. Stuck products include export-oriented jute and jute products, fish, industrial raw materials, ready-made garments, machineries and various food items.

Every day more than 500 different types of goods are imported from India and 250 trucks of goods are exported to India through Benapole port.

Karthik Chandra, general secretary of the Indian Petrapole C&F Agent Staff Association, said:

Indian C&F staff members have been coming and going to Benapole port for a long time to carry out import export documents, but the Border Security Force (BSF) has recently stopped their travel for security reasons.

Moreover, the BSF has been searching for a long time without any specific allegation to the Goods Trucks.

Despite repeated requests to the BSF to solve these problems, the organization was forced to suspended import -export  trade between the two countries.