Import-export thru Benapole port resumes after 4 days

Published : 16 Oct 2021 09:07 PM | Updated : 17 Oct 2021 10:57 AM

Import-Export trade between Bangladesh and India has resumed through Benapole port on Saturday morning, after remaining closed for four consecutive days for Durga Puja.

Import-Export between the two countries were closed for four consecutive days since Tuesday on the occasion of Durga Puja. However, movement of Passport passenger between the two countries was normal.

Benapole Port Director (Traffic) Abdul Jalil said, “After four consecutive days of Durga Puja holiday Import-Export between India and Bangladesh have resumed from Saturday morning. 102 trucks of goods have been imported through Benapole port from morning till noon in the first day.”

Meanwhile, 65 trucks of goods have been exported from Bangladesh to India in the same period. Concerned people have been instructed to unload the goods stuck in the port due to the closure, he added.

Benapole is the largest land port in South Asia. The government earns Tk 6,000 crore revenue from this port every fiscal year.

Due to the ease of communication, 80 per cent of the country's Industrial raw materials and garment products are imported through this port. In terms of revenue, Benapole port is commercially second in position to Chittagong port.

About 10 thousands people were directly involved with this port including port's, customs, C&F agents, Importers, exporters and various government and non-government organizations.

Due to the closure for four consecutive days, the government was deprived of a large amount of revenue. The daily revenue income of the customs house is more than Tk 15 crore.

Benapole Customs Commissioner Azizur Rahman said, after remaing closed for four days Imports and exports have resumed from Saturday morning. All the officials have been instructed to work fast to earn the revenue. Instructions have also been given to deliver the goods from the port, he added.