Impact of cyclone “Hamoon”

Stand by victims

Published : 25 Oct 2023 07:51 PM | Updated : 25 Oct 2023 07:51 PM
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Stand by affect people The cyclonic storm “Hamoon” which lashed many areas of the Cox’s Bazar district with brutal winds and rain, left at least three people dead and many injured.

Besides, around 30,000 mud-built houses were damaged in Samitypara of Cox's Bazar due to heavy rain and strong wind caused by Cyclone Hamoon. However, the overall losses caused by the storm have not yet been estimated, according to media reports.

After claiming lives and leaving a trail of devastation in Cox’s Bazar district, the cyclonic storm “Hamoon” crossed the coastal districts of Cox's Bazar and Chattogram in the early hours of Wednesday. People living in the low-lying areas of Cox’s Bazar district are now living in subhuman condition. 

They are living in darkness as the electricity supply was cut off after the cyclone hit the area on Tuesday midnight. At least 70 transformers and electric polls have also been uprooted due to the cyclone.

help the affected people

 in repairing the

damaged houses on

 an emergency basis.

The storm uprooted many trees and damaged houses and other structures in Teknaf and St. Martin’s. On the other hand, several people were bitten by snakes during and after the cyclone.

People who took shelter in the cyclone centres in the country's southeastern coastal region have already returned home. But the storm uncovered a landscape of widespread devastation dotted by shattered homes, educational institutions, business establishments and other infrastructures, washed-out farmlands and dilapidated roads in some places of Cox’s Bazar.

So, the worst-affected families are worrying over a return to normal life. The affected people are passing days in extreme misery along with an acute crisis of food and safe drinking water. Therefore, all concerned particularly the field level administration must take prompt measures to ease sufferings of the affected people. Storm-hit people do not have cash to repair their damaged houses, business establishments and other infrastructures or purchase foods.

The authorities concerned must help the affected people in repairing the damaged houses on an emergency basis. Besides, the damaged and affected educational institutions, business establishments, important infrastructures and roads will have to be repaired immediately to protect the lives and livelihoods of people.

We believe Sheikh Hasina-led Awami League government will do everything for the storm-hit victims.