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IM Fahad grabs another valuable point

Published : 10 May 2024 09:50 PM

International Master (IM) Fahad Rahman of Bangladesh, who badly needs two more norms to reach the goal of being a Grand Master, grabbed another valuable point after forcing the Turkish Grand Master Vahap Sanal in the Dubai Police Global Chess Challenge – MASTERS in Dubai on Thursday night.  

Fahad tipped of brightening his chances to obtain the most coveted norm to be a Grand Master after surprising results against GM Hans Moke Niemann of the USA, who had defeated reigning world champion Magnus Carlsen in 2022 forcing to a draw following inflicted the same result on another Super Grandmaster, Yangyi Yu of China, in the first round. 

Fahad then defeated Women International Master Nurman Alua of Kazakhstan to earn full one point in the third round.  

Fahad Rahman has been trying to become a GM for the last two years and secured a GM Norm in Vietnam last month and now he needs two norms to be a Grand Master.  

After six round Fahad accumulated 3.5 points and his performance rating is 2602. If Fahad would maintain this rating in his remaining three round games, there will be every prospect to earn another norm for Grand Master and obtaining the point against Turkish Grand Master Vahap Sanal is a big assistance to bright the chances of increasing his ratings. 

In this Swiss League tournament, Fahad are facing very strong and higher ranking opponents and for this reason, from here if he could earn performance rating points his GM Norm would be confirmed.   

Meanwhile, the bangaldesh IM Fahad had an opportunity to win the fourth round, lost to Grandmaster Vakhidov Jakhongir of Uzbekistanon Tuesday night.

Fahad, who played with white pieces against the Uzbek GM Vakhidov Jakhongir with white pieces, went to the winning position in move 32 but missed the chance by making a mistake in move thirty six.

Even he got the position of making a draw on 47th move but failed to avail the chance not and eventually suffered defeat in 61 moves.