Illegal migration to Europe

Concerted effort imperative to end human trafficking

Published : 03 Aug 2023 07:39 PM

It is alarming to note that at least 500 Bangladesh people loss their lives en route to Europe every year, says BRAC’s migration programme latest report. Over 29,778 Bangladesh people entered Europe illegally between June 2021 and June 2023 while 26, 14,094 crossed the Mediterranean Sea and entered different countries of Europe through four Mediterranean routes between 2009 and 2023, the report adds. 

The organised international criminals groups in association with the local human traffickers are luring our youths into danger with the promise of a luxurious life in European countries. Youths in different districts of the country have become desperate to migrate to European countries, even at great risk to their finances and personal safety. In consequence, many youths went missing while they were crossing the Mediterranean Sea to reach European countries including Italy and Greece using various Mediterranean routes. The government has taken various measures to promoting legal migration but many Bangladeshis try to reach European countries illegally resulting in tragic and frequent deaths in their perilous journey through the seas. Considering the situation, we will have to build strong and united resistance against human-trafficking so that our youths will not be allured to go abroad illegally.

Human trafficking cannot be

 prevented by a single organisation 

or an agency or entity rather concerted 

effort of all concerned is required

With the proper application of laws to stop human trafficking, creation of mass awareness particularly among youths and guardians is a must. Therefore, it is a priority for all us to work together with the government to refrain our youths from going Europe illegally.

On the other hand, the European Commission (EU) will also have to work together with Bangladesh in curbing human trafficking. Human trafficking cannot be prevented by a single organisation or an agency or entity rather concerted effort of all concerned is required. Human trafficking is like cancer in a society that undermines the lives of individuals and the future of their families and tarnishes the country’s image. Bangladesh and EU need to manage this in a very orderly way to avoid irregular arrivals through dangerous routes like from Libya and Mediterranean. There are many things Bangladesh and EU can do together including efforts to give the right information to the people about the risk of irregular arrivals in Europe.