Illegal gas connections still risk for Narayanganj residents

Published : 26 Sep 2020 10:23 PM

Huge number of illegal gas connections still remains after banning domestic connections that are under risk for using sub-standard pipe in the connections.

A leak of Titas gas and electricity lines  spark caused an explosion at Baitul Salat Jame Mosque in Talla area on September 4 during Isha prayer that had already claimed 34 lives and 2 are still battling with death at the burn unit of DMCH.

After the explosion Fatulla model police station sub-inspector Humayun Kabir had filed a case against an unknown person that is now being investigated by the Crime Investigation Department (CID) in Narayanganj.

Inspector Babul Hossain, the case investigator did not clear the matter of Titas gas connection legality though he kept 8 officials of Titas gas in remand for 2 days.

A local and non-government electrician Mobarak gave the confessional statement under CrPc-164 before the judicial magistrate Kawsar Alam court on September 22 admitting that he connected the line illegally.

When the Government banned Titas gas domestic connection a dishonest syndicate of contractors, officials and local hoodlums gave about 50,000 illegall gas connections, said a contractor anonymously.

In the last seven years of banning Titas domestic connection, the syndicate took at least one lakh taka from new house holders, gave connections using unwrapped iron pipes that are not allowed in Titas gas and which created leaks easily.

Giving illegal connections in the last seven years some contractors became multi-millionaire and those lines using sub-standard pipe caused leakage and fire incidents.

Now a burning concern to the conscious citizen is to scan the illegal gas connection and disconnect otherwise major incidents might occur again.

 Officials of Narayanganj Titas gas office and contractors became men of crore providing illegal gas connection in each village in newly constructed houses in the last seven years.