Illegal brick kilns in Gazipur harm environment, farmlands

Published : 08 Feb 2023 08:17 PM

Brick quarries are running without environmental clearance in some areas including Darbaria, Sonakhali, Sabajpur, Maharabah, Medi Ashulai, Bordghar, Dariapur of Kaliakair upazila of Gazipur. On the one hand, the environment is under threat and on the other hand, agricultural cropland and fertile soil are being lost. As a result, the production of all types of grain products including Boro paddy in this upazila is facing a lot of restrictions. Now most of the farmers are turning to procurement instead of producing crops.

It can be seen on the ground that new bricks are being burned in two illegal brick quarries, JRB and SB, in Darbaria area of Kaliakair upazila. Giving a thumbs up to the Department of Environment without permission, two kilns are making bricks by burning tree wood and logs, which are completely illegal. Hundreds of workers are working in two brick kilns mixing soil, preparing soil, making bricks, sorting, drying and burning. Although prohibited, wood and soil from cropland are being used to make bricks. To the east of these two brick kilns there are human residences, houses, shops, government schools, madrasas and groves. To the west are vast crop fields with rivers. Crops were once planted in the south and north, but now they are being used by those brick kilns. Day by day the crop field is becoming uncultivated.

In addition, smoke is coming out from the chimney of those brick kilns. Moreover, that smoke is endangering the health of young children, students and students of the school. Also, there is extensive damage to the plants and other crops of the neighboring farms. Due to the black smoke of the brick kiln, the flowers, fruits, green leaves of the plants and the tin rice of the homestead are being destroyed day by day. In this, the residents demanded that the brickyards be closed and wrapped in vain.

Some farmers who did not wish to be named said that these brick quarries should be closed. There is no crop in our fields due to brick kiln. The tree bears no fruit. Even if the fruit is caught, it falls off. The flowers perish before the fruit. In addition, bricklayers destroy roads. We want to stop all these brick kilns. Otherwise, the bricks should be removed from this place and taken to another place.

Darbaria Government Primary School head teacher Shirin Akhter said, how are these brickyards in the locality! These bricks are doing a lot of harm to us, including our young children. We want these illegal brickyards to be closed. This will benefit our new generation of children.

Upon asking Nashir Hossain, the owner of the SB brickyard, whether his brickyard has environmental clearance, he gave the phone to an alleged leader. The leader said, we do not have environmental clearance, but the application has been submitted. He said that bricks are being burnt by managing the people of the Department of Environment. 

Kaliakair upazila executive officer Tajwar Akram Sakapi Ibn Sajjad said, we are always conducting operations against illegal brick kilns. If any brickyard is still operating illegally, it will be raided again. In addition, our campaign will continue.