Ill-politics must be resisted

Published : 01 Oct 2023 09:39 PM

We express grave concern over the Friday’s violent activities unleashed by the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) in the name of political programmes in different parts of the country. An activist of Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL) was killed and 20 others were injured in an attack launched by BNP activists at Mirsarai upazila in Chattogram.

BNP men attacked the leaders and workers of Awami League (AL), its associate organisations and student wing BCL while returning from a meeting, leaving one dead and 15 other injured. 

Besides, the leaders and workers, who were in the field with its ‘peace’ programme, also came under attack by BNP men.

It seems clear that there has been a deep-rooted plot as the BNP wants to push politics and democratic procedure toward confrontation deliberately in order to foil the country’s next general election. 

The next 12th general election is very near so that this is an acid test for those who believe in the development of democracy and the Liberation War. BNP is involved in waging movement to overthrow the government whereas AL is busy holding movement to protect people's lives.

All achievements will go in vain if we fail to convey the spirit of Bangladesh’s Liberation War at all the doorsteps across the country. A lot of changes have happened over the last five decades.

BNP out to create 

conflicts over polls

BNP men chanted slogan against on-duty police and threw brickbats from their respective procession which prompted police to reiterate baton charge, tear gas and rubber bullets. Panic has spread out to cities, towns, villages and localities as BNP men are staging showdown there.

They keep on threatening common people to boycott the next parliamentary polls. Hence, it is very clear to all that the leaders and workers of BNP in association with anti-liberation forces are desperately trying to create a disordered situation in a planned way.

The party (BNP) men also want to establish a reign of terror across the country ahead of the next general elections as they continued to go on rampage. It is alleged that they are also taking preparation secretly for resorting to arson terrorism in the name of road march. 

It is known to all that toppling Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s government is the key target of the BNP and that is why the party in collusion with foreign power has also been involved in conspiracy to assume the state power.

Hatching conspiracy will not bring any results. As per the constitution, there will be a fair and peaceful election in Bangladesh and the people will decide who will lead this country in the future. 

If BNP-Jammat clique and anti-liberation forcers are found in engaged in violence in the name of political movement must be dealt according to the law of the land.