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Identity fraud!

Published : 04 Apr 2024 11:03 PM | Updated : 05 Apr 2024 02:10 AM

The chief executive of "Sanjog Bangladesh," Sadia Nasrin, is allegedly fabricating information regarding a student from Mohakhali Abdul Hamid Dorji Government Primary School aiming to represent her own established school. 

On March 24, a video of a young girl named Jannatul Ferdous (Jannat) went viral on social media following a fire that broke out in a slum in the Mohakhali area. "Let everything burn, my mother is alive, that is all, I need nothing more," she stated in the video. She became well-known as "Viral Jannat" after this video went viral across the nation.

Following this incident, she was featured on a Channeli talk show as a student of 'Alor Pothe' school. Some involved are claiming that this was done on purpose. Jannat is enrolled in Mohakhali Abdul Hamid Dorji Government Primary School's Class III, Class Roll-02.

An investigation showed that she moved up to class III at the same school from class II. Jannat Class II Roll Number 31. This is the school she has attended since first grade.

Numerous other media sources, such as Channeli, have inaccurately depicted Jannat as a student at the "Alor Pothe Community School," a private NGO-run institution.

Reportedly, Jannat attends Mohakhali Abdul Hamid Dorji Government Primary School as a regular student, according to Jannat's mother, Shilpi Begum. Jannat has three years of study experience here. The mother does acknowledge, though, that she once took part in co-educational programmes at the "Alor Pothe" school. 

She presented the reporter with the Mohakhali Abdul Hamid Dorji Government Primary School's result card and school uniform as evidence.

Studying in the same school with Jannat, another girl next door to her house, also named Jannat (Class 5, Class Roll 17), said, “I and Viral Jannat study in Mohakhali Abdul Hamid Dorji Government Primary School. We go to school together.''

Within the now completely destroyed Mohakhali slum, BRAC schools, and youth organizations are in operation. Children's co-education is a focus of all these institutions. The "Alor Pothe" school, however, is said to be run outside of the slums by locals.

Since Ramadan 10th, Mohakhali Abdul Hamid Dorji Government Primary School has been closed.  On April 21, the school will reopen.

"After the fire, when Jannat went viral, madam (Sadia Nasreen) came here and said that she would take you on TV," stated Jannat's mother. Next, we head over to Channeli TV. Madam ( Sadia Nasrin) did not provide us with any financial assistance. However, a lot of people claim that the government gave us houses and millions of taka after showcasing us on TV, but we have not gotten anything.

On that particular day, Jannat and Sadia Nasreen, the Chief Executive of "Sanjog Bangladesh," were featured in a Channeli programme that was hosted by Soma Islam.

An Estonian university teacher, Aminul Islam, was connected online. Jannat was introduced in the show as a student of 'Alor Pothe' school.

The TV scroll shows Jannat's school, Alor Pothe, which the locals complain is well planned. Hundreds of thousands of people have watched that programme since the report was written.

This incident shocked Tahmina Begum, the head teacher of Mohakhali Abdul Hamid Dorji Government Primary School. "Jannat is a regular student at my school, but there are rumours circulating about another institution stealing her credit," she stated. Jannat has spent three years as a student at my school. She regularly attends school and is an exceptionally bright student. We have come to know about Sadia Nasrin. In the school group meeting, there is a general discussion about the matter because the school is closed. We will get to work on pursuing legal action after this."

People who are worried are now wondering: What is Sadia Nasrin really wanting? For what reason does she represent Jannat as a student at her school? Is there an effort to profit from the survival student's story?

In view of these allegations, no response was received even after several calls and SMS on Sadia Nasrin's phone.

A teacher on behalf of ‘Alor Pothe’ collected the reporter's number and called. She declined to reveal her name. She said that Jannatul Ferdous is a student of 'Alor Pothe' school. She was then asked that she is a student of Mohakhali Abdul Hamid Dorji Government Primary School and had a second-class pass evaluation certificate in her name, to which she replied that the family had lied, and that such certificates 'I can also produce.' We have known that girl since childhood, and we are not lying about it.

Bangladesh Post correspondent conducted an interview with Abdul Aziz, the Primary District Education Officer, regarding this activity. He claimed that he was no aware of the issue. He is going to get to work on this right away. If she (Sadia Nasrin) starts cheating, she will be held accountable.

The State Minister for Primary and Mass Education's representative was contacted by this reporter, and pertinent data and supporting documentation have been forwarded. The minister has been informed regarding the issue.