ICT exports to fetch $5b a year

More export sources need to be explored

Published : 21 Nov 2021 08:35 PM

The booming economy of the country has been persistent under the able leadership of this government. The local business friendly environment has led to increase in exports of various fields and that includes ICT sector.

The country which was once heavily reliant on ICT item imports now export them on their own. According to sources, at present the yearly income from this sector is over one billion US dollars and the country has set a target of five billion US dollars of income per year from abroad by exporting ICT materials.

At least 33 giant investors from home and abroad have already invested in this sector. Biotech, Vibrant, Nokia and some other giant companies are now working there in full swing. 

At least 39 hi-tech parks are being developed across the country. Bangladesh plans to launch operations of eight new hi-tech parks this year and tap Tk 12 billion investments by 2023.

New job fields in the ICT sector will not only create

 employment but will also help the country to 

cope with the rapidly changing world 

of technology

The government has been working relentlessly to build a strong ICT backbone and this has led to expansion of information and communication technology to rural areas. 

This is a significant step to achieve government’s quest of becoming a developed country by 2041. In rural areas government has created more technical and vocational education and training as well as higher education in the areas of various emerging fields of technology.

New job fields in the ICT sector will not only create employment but will also help the country to cope with this rapidly changing world of technology. 

It will also boost necessary skills through different advanced technical education, hands on training, and finally through practical experiences in different dynamic technical and professional skills in ICT.