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icddr,b bill passes in parliament

Published : 06 Nov 2022 10:25 PM

The International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh Act, 2022 passed in parliament on Sunday in order to repeal the military regime ordinance on the icddr,b in line with a verdict of the higher court.

 Health Minister Zahid Maleque moved the bill in the House which was unanimously  passed by voice votes with JastiyaSangsad Deputy Speaker Shamsul Huq Tuku in the Chair.

As per the bill, the institution would be an autonomous, international, philanthropic and nonprofit centre for research, education and training as well as clinical service.

The headquarters of the centre would be in Dhaka. The centre may establish its branches any place in the country subject to the approval of the respective governments.

The bill said that there will be a board consisting of 12-17 members. Of them, four will be nominated by the government, a member nominated by the World Health Organization, a member to be nominated by a United Nations agency, 5-10 members nominated by the board and executive director of the centre.

 At any given time, no country shall have more than two members except for Bangladesh.

All members will be appointed for three years and it can be extended for one time. No member can be appointed for more than six years.

 The centre shall be administered by a director who shall be selected and appointed by the board for a term of three years which may be renewable for another term.

 The centre shall have its own fund which shall consist of grants made by the government, grants and contributions from other governments and their agencies, international organizations and private organizations, gifts and endowments, sale proceeds and royalties of publications, income from research and contractual undertakings; and other sources.

All funds of the centre shall be kept in any scheduled bank or banks in Bangladesh as approved by the board.

 The centre shall be exempted from the labour laws in force in the country. It shall be governed by its own by-laws as may be prescribed.

 The centre shall not be liable to pay any tax, rate or duty other than those paid by any other person in respect of any movable or immovable property which the centre purchases or otherwise acquires from such person and other than those payable in respect of public utilities like water, gas, electricity, telephone and municipal rates.

 All non-Bangladeshi experts, technicians and research scholars employed by the centre and working in Bangladesh for the furtherance of the objectives of the centre shall be exempted from paying income tax.