‘I don’t want trouble in Razz’s family life’: Sunerah binte Kamal

Published : 30 May 2023 09:19 PM

The audience is very curious about the private lives of celebrities. That was confirmed once more with the issue of actor Shariful Razz and actress Sunerah binte Kamal's private chat history that went viral on social media. 

It is being said that Razz's Facebook account was hacked. This was a hot topic on social media among users. Razz was asked what had truly transpired, but he opted not to comment. 

"These videos or pictures are from five years ago. Razz and I were very good friends back then. We used to be ramp models then. Moreover, we acted in 'No Dorai' (2019) together. We had to talk a lot to prepare for the movie. However, since Razz's marriage, we're not much in touch anymore.

We have nothing but friendship right now. I don't want trouble in Razz's family life. I am very surprised that some people are trying to portray the matter differently and that isn't a good thing," Sunehra said to media.

Sunerah won the Jatiya Film Award for her performance in No Dorai.