I do not want work being in the wrong: Dev

Dev, a popular actor-producer from Kolkata, came to Dhaka for a day on Tuesday. He had come to Dhaka several times earlier as well, for shooting and attending various events. 

But this time he came just for his own benefits. Under the SAFTA agreement, Dev and Rukmini’s ‘Password’ will be released tomorrow in Bangladesh. The movie already got censor clearance. Shapla Media of Bangladesh is acting as the distributor of this film. The film’s actors Dev and Rukmini came to Dhaka on November 26 to campaign for the film. Dev and Rukmini came in front of journalists at the Dhaka Club's Samson H Chowdhury Hall in the evening.

At the beginning of the speech, Dev said, “There has been a lot of arguments and debates between the two countries. This time we have to unite and fight as one to save Bangaliana. We have no choice but to protect Bengali cinemas. Now is the time, to unite and release films in both sides of the border on the same day. To save the industry, everyone has to be one. We have to fight for the Bengali speaking people spread all over the world. This time the fight is for Bengalis.”

At one point, Dev announced the news of working in a film in Bangladesh. It is being produced by Shapla Media Production titled 'Mission Sixteen'. If all goes well, he will be acting for the first time in Bangladeshi cinema, said the popular actor. Rukmini Maitra, Khorshed Alam Khasru, President of the Producers Association of Bangladesh, Mushfiqur Rahman Gulzar, the President of the Directors Association, among others were present on stage. But Selim Khan, the head of Shapala Media, did not attend the programme.

The producer Selim Khan is currently absconding because his name has surfaced in casino case.

Dev answered journalists' questions about the release of ‘Password’ and the announcement of new films in Bangladesh.

In Kolkata, ‘Password’ was not as successful as expected. Why do you think the film will be a success in Bangladesh? In reply to the question, Dev said, “I have never said that this film will be a huge success. Any director tries to get the viewers to see the film. There are 500 channels under our thumb. The audience can view films of any language at any time. Then compare where we are. That's why I created ‘Password’. When we see ‘Bahubali’ in our country, I feel a strange pain and think why can't we make such films? All the time if I think about this, will we continue to remake films all our life? The industry can never grow bigger if those of us who are forward aren’t bold enough to do something new. We'll be in the same circle in the same cage. If you come forward then let the people see it. Then judge whether the film is good or bad. Another thing, I have many films that are not good. But they went bumper at the box office. If all the films are judged at the box office, then no one can go ahead in life.”

You have announced the new film 'Mission Sixteen' in the production of Shapala Media. The anti-casino campaign that the government has launched in the country, Shapala Media Founder Selim Khan has been accused of being a part of this. That is why our country star Shakib Khan has left this production company. In this situation you are associated with this organisation. Have you done any research before doing any work?

In response to a long question, Deb says, "Firstly, if there is a problem, I think Bangladesh's law is too strong. I believe the laws of the country will take proper action. I'm a cinema guy. I loved the story of the film. I loved working with the story I was given. If something happens in the future, I am also an MP in the Indian Parliament, I do not want to do anything wrong and to associate with those who do wrong.

At the end of the talk, he urged the audience to watch ‘Password’.