Husband burns pregnant wife to death

Jhenidah police arrested a man for his alleged involvement in killing his pregnant wife by burning. The husband Soh­rab Hossain Saurav of Hatkhola area in Jhenidah town was arrested on Sunday morning when his mother in law had filed a case with Jhenidah police station. 

House wife Munni Akter Pinki, 25, had died when she was undergoing treatment at the burn unit of Sheikh Hasina National Burn and Plastic Surgery unit on Saturday night. Pinki’s mother Kazal Begum said Saurav had been violating Pinki for years together promising marry her. A few months back the marriage ceremony of Saurav and Pinki was solemnized in presence of local people socially. 

But the mother of Saurav was not recognizing Pinky as their house wife. Saurav had been torturing his pregnant wife even for a trifling matter. Saurav on February 16 arrived at Pinki’s parents house and demanded Taka two thousand in cash. As the family could not meet the demand, Saurav started beating her. At one stage, he set Pinki on fire spraying kerosine oil as he planned earlier. Piki was rushed in Jhenidah Sadar hospital in a critical state. 

The attending physicians referred her to Sheikh Hasina National Burn and Plastic Surgery unit I Dhaka. However, she succumbs to her severe burn injuries in the night of Saturday. Jhenidah police superintendent asaanuzzaman said they had arrested the killer husband when his mother in law had filed complaint against him. The killing incident might take place following family troubles, police primarily suspected, police super said.