Hungry monkeys forage for food on rooftops in Jamalpur

Published : 04 Dec 2022 07:52 PM

A monkey has been roaming around in Bangsakhal area of Dayamoyi Mor of Jamalpur city for a long time.  The hungry monkey is staring blankly in the hope of food.  No one is listening to the hunger pangs of the hungry monkey.  The monkey is becoming weak in this. Monkey is known as an intelligent animal.  Likewise, their habitat or food is very diverse.  

They usually like to live in groups.  This monkey who came to the city has unknowingly lost his friends while jumping from side to side while walking in the wrong direction.Chalam hotel employee Dipzol said, “Two days ago the monkey came on the rice of the hotel for food.  I gave him bread to eat, he left after eating a little.  The scared monkey wanders around hoping for some food.  

He needs to cooperate with everyone." Resident of Dayamoyi Mor of the city said.  Obaidur Rahman said, "The monkey is not getting any opportunity to take food from nature due to loss of balance of the local environment.soIt is roaming in the hope of food." President of Environment Conservation Movement Jahangir Salim said, "It is believed that the monkey has moved to the locality from the forests of Madhupur or Sherpur region in search of food.  

The monkey is running here and there, hungry on one side and embarrassed by the violence of children and teenagers.  Especially from Raniganj Bazar area of Banskhal of the city to Gafur Villa south of Dayamoyi Mor.Prominent writer and journalist Mustafa Babul said, “The monkey sometimes comes to his house for food.  But people also have fear in their eyes.  On Thursday (December 1) afternoon, the monkey was chased by three scoundrels on its way to the house and taken to Naqeeb Uddin Hospital.” He further said, “Forest department officials need to come forward to rescue the monkey.  Constantly being chased, the innocent animal becomes violent in self-defense. 

At any time, it can fall into the clutches of non-humans and die." Sherpur Forest Division Ranger Abdullah Al Aminer said, "If no one tortures or gives food to the monkey, it will not harm anyone.  However, the local residents demanded to rescue it quickly and take it to a safe shelter.