Hundreds of thalassemia patients are in safe blood crisis in Pabna

Published : 08 May 2020 10:28 PM | Updated : 05 Sep 2020 10:31 PM

May 8 was the World Thalassemia Day. Thalassemia is a fatal disorder. There is no cure for this disease even today. To avoid this disease, patients with thalassemia have to live with the blood of others. Which is a very unfortunate treatment and painful.

552 thalassemia patients in Pabna district are facing crisis of safe blood. According to the Chatmohar-based Human Services Development Organization of the district, these 552 helpless thalassemia patients has been found in 9 upazilas of Pabna. The agency conducted a baseline survey of every thalassemia patient's house in Pabna district from 2008 to 2016 and found 552 thalassemia patients in Pabna.

Of these, 298 are women and 256 are men. It is learned that all these helpless thalassemia patients are getting all kinds of help including blood bags, blood sets, medicines, counseling every month from the Human Services Development Organization. However, even if the patients get all these assistance, they are suffering from safe blood crisis. 

In many cases, the blood that is being bought from the blood bank or various clinics and given to the thalassemia patient due to not getting it from his or her relatives and acquaintances is likely to be infected with a terrible diseases.

Chatmohar Upazila Health and Family Planning Officer Dr. Md. Shuaibur Rahman said that thalassemia is a terrible disease for which there is no cure. The treatment of this disease is also difficult. The cost of taking blood is also high which is absolutely impossible for the middle class and poor people.

Abul Hossain, father of two thalassemia patients said, "Every time I donate blood to my two daughters, we need a lot of money to do blood skills tests including blood bags, sets and necessary medicines. Which is very difficult for us. 

However, for the last 10 years, the Human Services Development Agency has come forward with the necessary assistance including blood bags, sets of medicines for thalassemia them. I could not save my daughters without the cooperation of the company”.

Dildar Hessen, who suffers from thalassemia, said that it is very difficult to take blood every month. Safe blood is not available without the blood of relatives.

Journalist MS Alam Bablu, executive director of the Human Services Development Organization, said thalassemia is a deadly disease for which no cure has been found. Treatment is also expensive so we are providing free assistance to these helpless thalassemia patients. However, these patients will be safe if they can get regular safe blood supply.