Humanity should get priority at hospitals

Quality of service must be improved

Published : 08 Jan 2022 09:28 PM

Government has revolutionised the medical sector in our country by taking various initiatives. However, irregularities and patients’ sufferings are still there in many government and private hospitals. The quality of service provided at these hospitals must be improved.

In this regard, an organization named ‘Nirapod Hashpatal Chai’ issued a five-point demand, including for a broker-free and patient-friendly hospital. The other demands of the organization include increasing the number of beds in each district headquarters hospitals including ICU and CCU; safety of patients, relatives of patients and physicians and stopping sexual harassment; ensuring tests and 24-hour emergency services at every hospital.

The quality of service provided 

at these hospitals must be improved

The coordinator of the organization claimed that even after 50 years of independence, the basic rights of health care have not been ensured even today. Claiming that one has to bear 74 to 80 percent of the medical expenses in the country, he said that the highest medical expenses are borne directly by the people in Bangladesh including in 60 countries of Asia.

Our country’s healthcare sector is constantly developing, however, there are still certain challenges which are creating barriers to take our country’s medical treatment in the next level. We know that there has always been an imbalance in the distribution of doctors and healthcare workers in our country. This ultimately creates a challenge for the doctors as they cannot allocate sufficient time for each patient. On top of it, most specialized doctors of any health sector provide more services in urban areas than in the rural areas.

This problem should be tackled through CVC facilities as everyone does not need to visit a specialized doctor in person, and grassroot people will be able to access the treatment facility from the community clinics. Many members of the marginalized groups who are deprived of costly treatment will be able to avail benefits through this initiative.