Huge rush at ferry terminals

With the closure of public transport, the pressure of homebound passengers on the waterways has started to increase ahead of Eid-ul-Fitr.

Huge rush was spotted in several ferry terminals including Kanthalbari and Daulatdia.
A huge crowd was seen at the Kanthalbari river port (riverine ghat) under Shibchar upazila of Madaripur district on Sunday despite the general holiday due to coronavirus.

There were thousands of passengers heading towards some 21 districts of South.There were many passengers who were waiting to come to Dhaka ahead of the Eid-ul-Fitr.

According to sources, Kanthalbari-Shimula route is one of the major and easy riverine routes to communicate with people of 21 southern districts of the country.

Movements of launches and speed boatsthrough this route were suspended from March 24. But, the ferry services are being operated for emergency purposes.

There is hardly any movement of public transports on roads. Passengers were seen gathering at Kanthalbari ghat by riding on three wheelers, motorbikes.

Abdul Alim, Manager of BIWTC, Kanthalbari Ferri Ghat, informed due to a huge pressure from the passengers, 12 to 14 ferries are plying daily. For several days, the pressure from the passengers at the Ghat has been increased tremendously.

On the other hand, on Sunday morning, the pressure of homebound people was seen at the Daulatdia ferry terminal.
Passengers were seen crowding the ferry without maintaining social distance.

Passengers in autorickshaws, motorcycles, rented microbuses and private cars are getting off at Daulatdia ferry terminal due to the lockdown.

BIWTC Daulatdia ferry terminal manager Md Abu Abdullah Rony said that out of 18 ferries on the Daulatdia-Paturia water route, 10 ferries are currently carrying a limited number of emergency goods-laden vehicles and ambulances.
Several passengers and private cars are also crossing taking that opportunity.