Huge potential for Banana yarn in hill areas

Published : 25 Aug 2022 07:47 PM

A 5-day training has been inaugurated with the aim of producing multipurpose products from banana yarn in Bandarban district.

The training started on 25th August at 10 am in Lusaibari church conference hall room organized by Small and Medium Enterprises Foundation (SMEF) in collaboration with Bandarban Women Chamber of Commerce Industries. Deputy Commissioner Yachmin Parveen Tibriji inaugurated the training under the chairmanship of Bandarban Women Chamber of Commerce Industries President Lal Chani Lusai.

In the opening ceremony, the Deputy Commissioner said that after cutting banana from a full banana tree, the tree becomes a waste, it is of no use. However, the unemployed men and women of the area are becoming self-reliant by making beautiful products from that waste. DC also said that Bandarban hill district is a tourist dominated area, thousands of tourists arrive here every year, there is an opportunity to become economically self-sufficient by selling the products produced in their own area in the tourist centers. Therefore, in this 5-day long training, the Deputy Commissioner requested the participating trainees to master how to make yarn from banana trees and train other members of the house. 30 trainees are participating in the 5-day training from 25th August to 29th August.

At present, entrepreneurs are selling yarn produced from banana trees at 120 Tk per kg. Last December, a factory for making yarn from banana trees was set up in Krau Amtali neighborhood of Kuhlang Union in an area of 14 kilometers along the Bandarban-Rangamati road. From there, 10-12 kg of yarn is produced daily. From there, it is said that the yarn is being supplied to the buyers in different parts of the country according to their demand.

Bandarban is naturally rich in banana trees, bananas are also grown in a large volume there. Ching Twai Marma, community development officer of Grouse, said that an industrial factory is being set up from banana yarn. He said that a study is going on to manufacture various products from banana yarn to woven bags, curtains, mats.

Yachmin Parveen Tibriji, Deputy Commissioner, Bandarban Hill District took up this pilot project 1 year ago with the aim of creating women entrepreneurship and self-employment in Bandar­ban Hill District. 

He organized this training to use the yarn produced as raw material for handicrafts for the advancement of this project.

At that time, member of Uman Chamber Veena Pani Chakraborty, member of Bandarban Chamber and President of District Women's Awami League Zohra Be­gum, Councilor of Bandar­ban Municipality Emching Marma, trainer engineer for making multi-purpose products from banana tree yarn were present in the event. Amir Hamza, President of Bandarban Press Club Aminul Islam Bachchu, General Secretary Minarul Haque, Director of Bandarban Women's Chamber and journalists were present.