Huge mango buds sprout in Jhenaidah, farmers expect bumper yield

Published : 14 Mar 2023 08:30 PM

The mango farmers are hopeful to reap better yield of the mango this season as huge bearings was visible in naked eyes in the season. Favourable climate has been brightening the future of the fruits, expecting the farmers and the officials of the department of agriculture extension (DAE) in Khamarbari, Jhenaidah.

Abide popularly known Amrapali, Lengra and Himsagar varieties, the farmers have been expanding their orchards of individual plots for Haribhanga, Katimon and Lengra in the season.

While visiting a number of villages in Jhenaidah Sadar and Kotchandpur upazilas in Jhenaidah, the farmers of Solemanpur village in Kotchandpur upazila town informed they have been witnessing huge sprouting and tender balls of the mango on each and every plant this season. Although the sprouting was somehow delayed for about two weeks, they are now very happy with excessive bearings. The quantity of bearings was unbelievable to them, they said.

Upazila agriculture officer (UAO) in Kotchandpur Mohammad Mohsin Ali when contacted said the number of mango producing farmers is highest in his upazila. Over 700 hectares of land was brought under the farming in Kotchandpur this season as against last season’s 600 hectares. The farmers in his upazila were involved in Haribhanga, Katimon and Himsagar abide Amrapali, Fazli and Lengra. The farmers as well as the DAE officials could see this of huge sprouting and bearing in past couple of years in the district, UAO said.

According to the office sources of the DAE in Jhenaidah Khmarbari said the farmers have brought 2,357 hectares of land under mango farming in the season as against last season’s 2,211 hectares. They are going to produce at least 36,000 tones of the fruit in the season, while the same was 33,511 tones in the last season. The yield in each hectare is expected for 15.5 tones this season is there was no natural calamities during the season, the sources said.

DAE deputy director (DD) at Khamarbari of Jhenaidah Asgar Ali when contacted said the farmers and orchard owners have been caring their mango plants when the demand of the fruit was increasing every year throughout the country. As the fruit ensures cash for the farmers, they have been raking more care for the fruit. To make the mango farming profitable, the DAE officials have been moving at the field to monitor the caring and management of the plants. 

Deputy Director said although Jhenaidah people consume huge mango brought from Meherpur, Rajshahi, Natore, Chapainawabganj and Dinajpur every season, the locally produced varieties plays significant role in meeting the demand partially and benefits the producers. It also helps keeps the market price stable. They have been proving training to the individual farmers and orchard owners and advising them to apply modern technology and equipment for proper maintenance and management of the mango plants to strengthen their socio-economic state, Deputy Director added.