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Huge jubilation at Metro Rail launching

Published : 28 Dec 2022 10:18 PM | Updated : 29 Dec 2022 05:41 PM

Due to restrictions at the inaugural ceremony thousands of enthusiastic people who had expressed their interests to make the metro rail journey along with the prime minister’s entourage, could not make it.

Such jubilant feelings were known from thousands of waiting people who had gathered at the Uttara Diabari venue during the inauguration. 

They said that metro rail and its stations appeared absolutely marvelous and they really appreciated the design and the decorations saying that the high standard of works of the station looked similar to any such station in the West.

Visiting the Uttara metro station area it was found that all the roads leading to the station have been closed for traffic. Hundreds of people from that area walked and took up position at the Uttara circle. They wished to go to the platform area. But the police were not allowing anyone to enter the venue areas due to security measures. 

However, members of law and order said that as all the guests were at the opening ceremony, common people can go to the platform area. However, metro rail will not transport passengers on Wednesday. Passengers will be able to use Metrorail from Thursday morning. 

On the other hand, with the time passing people gathering at the Mirpur 10 circle have also increased. They wanted to be a part of the metro coach carrying the Prime Minister crosses Mirpur. People of all ages with their mobile phone cameras stay ready to capture the historic moment. 

Shahriar Hasan who leaves in the Mirpur area and waited to be a part of the history said, “Today we are so very happy. Metro rail is starting in the country. This is a big day for us. During the construction of the Metrorail, the roads became narrower, the traffic was far less. It was difficult for people to move. But with the inauguration of metro rail all sufferings are coming to an end.” 

A road side businessman said, “In these five-six years there has been a lot of loss in business. Many have left the business to pay the losses. Many people somehow survived hoping for this day. Finally the day has come. Today we are very happy.” 

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