Huge discount for patients at Sikder Medical on World Diabetes Day

Published : 11 Nov 2021 10:26 PM | Updated : 14 Nov 2021 01:00 PM

Gulshan branch of Zainul Haque Sikder Women's Medical College and Hospital will offer free doctor consultation and huge discounts on diagnostic tests for patients on the occasion of World Diabetes Day on November 14.

Under the special programme, patients will be able to receive services from 9 am to 5 pm on the day.

Up to 40 percent discounts of will be provided on diagnostic tests along with free random blood sugar (RBC) tests.

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ZH Sikder Women's Medical College and Hospital provides dietitian and physiotherapy consultation facilities and low-cost heart rings (coronary artery stent) and bypass surgery. 

Covid-19 test reports are provided within a short period for local people and overseas travelers.

Anyone can call ZH Sikder Women's Medical College and Hospital hotline number 09609-004444 (0,119) for more details.