Huge dev activities in Jhenaidah

Published : 09 Dec 2023 08:50 PM

The scenario of different educational institutions, mosques, temples, graveyards and other social or religious institutions in six upazilas of Jhenaidah turning fascinating faster with the touch of local district council, widely known as zilla parishad. 

Most of the roads in the district are almost in better condition where the people of all walks of life including the students move safely. The musallees attend the prayer in mosques, use the graveyards and the Hindu community people enjoy their religious activities at their temples easily. The huge portrait of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman at the entrance of the zilla parishad on Jhenaidah -Chuadanga highway draws the attention of each and everybody when they cross the area in-front of lucrative view of the office building. 

During a visit to Parmathurapur high school on Jhenaidah- Harinakundu road in Harinakundu, this correspondent was impressed to see the beautiful gate at the entrance constructed with Zilla parishad fund a few months back. Headmaster Laboni Parvin and founding president of the school managing committee elderly Saidur Rahman said they were facing untold sufferings when the minor students were moving here and there for want of a gate. Further, the outsiders made the school environment unpleasant. As the district council constructed the gate, both the students, teachers and staff are safe from road accidents and other untoward incidents. A fascinating gate of the mosque at Kapashatia collegepara was constructed by the parishad a few months back. Cows, goats and other animals were grazing at the mosque premises in daytime making the environment unhygienic. Now the entire area is protected and the musallees take their prayer five times a day undisturbed. A number of Hindu community people at Pobahati Balurchar Harisabha mandir area said they have been enjoying a safe and secured beautiful temple constructed by Jhenaidah zilla parishad. The fans and devotees have been conducting all religious and social activities like namjogyo, kirtan etcetera there in a natural environment. Six upazila level bakbanglows (Guest houses) had already taken new shape and the interior decorations and other modern equipment and accessories were providing satisfaction to the visitors. 

A middle-aged woman Mitali Ghosh was running her sewing machine at Hamdah Ghoshpara when asked said the zilla parishad had offered her the machine to alleviate her poverty when her husband Ishwar Ghosh was running his tea-stall hard. She makes the clothing of her family members and helps her husband earning little amount of money by making dresses for the women and girl students in the locality. Now she doesn’t seek money to her husband for her family needs, Mitali Ghosh said.A number of girl students moving on their pink colour lucrative bicycles towards their educational institutions when asked said the bikes have brought independence and freeness for them. Now they move to their institutions, private tutors, daily shopping and other personal needs any time. It has been saving the spendings of their guardians and strengthening their courage everyday with boldness, they said. Mohammad Salim Reza, executive officer of Jhenaidah district council when contacted said his office has been playing significant role in improving roads, academic institutions, religious and social institutions, distributing bicycles and financial assistance to the under privileged students, especially the girls, people with disability (PWD) and others with government funds so that they could stand on their own, executive officer Mohammad Salim Reza said.

Dr. Harun Or Rashid, chairman of Jhenaidah district council when contacted said he was elected the representative of the council to ensure better services to the people of the district with limited funds and facilities of the government. When Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina was committed to make the country “Smart”, he will not stay back except fulfilling her dream providing best services including health, education, communications, information and communication through a one-stop services in the district. His district will be declared best district by the Prime Minister in the country when he will be able to make Jhenaidah livable, Dr. Harun Or Rashid said.