1st day of the mass inoculation program in Savar

Huge crowd at vaccination centres

Published : 07 Aug 2021 09:19 PM | Updated : 08 Aug 2021 12:06 AM
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Huge influx of people was seen at each of Covid-19 vaccination centres during the first day of this mass inoculation program begins across the country, even many people were seen unmasked during visiting several centres, who came to get vaccinated, and people were seen violating even minimum social distances and health rules as well in Savar, on the outskirts of the capital on Saturday. 

“We are trying our best to conduct this mass inoculation program maintaining health rules and social distances”, Sohel Rana, Chairman of Savar Union Parishad told The Bangladesh Post.

Expressing displeasure Anamika Dash, who also came to get vaccinated at Chapain New Model High School centre said that she fears that whether to be infected instead of getting vaccinated, adding that she was waiting for half an hour in queue and she seems she has to wait for at least 3 to 4 hours more if she has to get vaccinated. 

Nasirudiin Ahmed, who also came to the centres and get vaccinated, said he had to wait in the queue for 4 hours long since morning to get the jabs.

Bangladesh Post talking to several people at several centres observed that people were experiences the same, as well as the same scenario in each station.

Dr Sayemul Huda, Upazila Health and Family Planning Officer of Savar told The Bangladesh Post, “Six health workers deputized each of centre and we targeted to vaccinate 7200 people in the first day across 12 unions Parishad and the 

municipality areas”, adding that Local administration, police, and local representatives are perfor

ming to maintain health rules and social distances in inoculation centres.

However, Bangladesh Post also observed that people are highly interested to get COVID-19 jabs, and they urged the government to amplify manpower so that elderly and women do not have to wait long at the jab centre and people can also get vaccinated maintaining social distance and health rules.