Huge bloom indicates bumper drumstick yield in Rajshahi

Published : 06 Mar 2021 09:19 PM

A massive blooming of Sajina (Moringa oleifera belongs Moringaceae family) flower on almost all trees of the district is indicating a bumper production of Sajina stick vegetables in Rajshahi this year. 

Farmers, Sajina tree planters and Rajshahi Agriculture Extension Department expressed their hope and said that the production of Sajina would surpass the target this year if the weather remains favourable. 

Sajina stick and its leaves are known to contain innumerous ' magical' beneficial qualities for health. Though, no commercial production of Sajina has been introduced anywhere in the country, it is only planted in fallow land, beside the roads and on the free spaces adjacent to houses. The tree needs a very little care for its growth.

Department of Agriculture Extension said Sajina has been cultivated on some 126 hectares of land with a production target of 1,540 metric tonnes in the district this year. 

Rajshahi Agriculture Office sources informed that Sajina grows in sandy and loamy soil well with PH of the soil from 50 to 90. 

Sajina tree cultivation needs no fertiliser to use because its roots are spread and go deep inside the soil. It can grow by transplanting its branches and with its seeds.

Umme Salma, Deputy Director of DAE, Rajshahi, informed, two types of Sajina are usually found  in the country. One of that is seasonal while the other grows round the year which is termed as Baromasi sajina. The production of Baromasi Sajina is more than that of the seasonal Sajina. Due to its various qualities, transplanting of branches of Sajina is being increased in the country day to day.  There is no necessary to cultivate land or apply fertiliser in a Sajina tree. It grows without care because no caring is necessary for its growth aftermath of the transplantation of the branches. The transplanted branch grows into trees within three to six months and bears flowers and fruits within a year after the transplantation. 

She further mentioned, as vegetables, both the Sajina stick and its leaves bear huge nourishment. The cultivation of Sajina is very profitable because of its taste and a huge demand among all sorts of people. 

Department of Agriculture was working to make this vegetable more popular among people and exploring the possibility of commercial cultivation of Sajina in the country.