HSC results published

We congratulate the successful candidates

Published : 26 Nov 2023 10:22 PM

The results of the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) and its equivalent examinations have been published on Sunday. This year 78.64 per cent students cleared the HSC and equivalent examinations.

We congratulate the successful candidates. Simultaneously, we also want to tell the unsuccessful examinees not to get frustrated and disheartened. They have still chance to become successful for the next time.This year, a total of 13, 74,488 students sat for HSC and equivalent exams from August 17 to September 25. Of them, 698,135 are boys, and 676,353 are girls. Among the examinees, 10, 67,852 students have been successful in the HSC and equivalent examinations. Examinees, their parents and guardians, teachers and authorities were concerned for publishing the results within the stipulated time as BNP-Jamaat continued waging various programmes like hartals and blockades.

Our teachers, guardians and concerned authorities have shown great skill by continuing the academic activities of our students amid odds. The pass rate of female students is 3.81% higher than that of male students in the 2023 HSC and equivalent examinations compared to the previous year. Additionally, girls have outperformed boys in achieving GPA-5.

It is indeed good news that our girls are doing better than boys in our country. Once upon a time, girls were not allowed to study at all. Many countries still do not allow girls to study. But, our girls believe that education is the key to building a prosperous and developed nation free from hunger and poverty.

Keeping this in mind, our girls are moving forward. We are pleased to see their determination that they want to be highly educated and they have the capacity to build a developed, prosperous, poverty and hunger-free country. 

Therefore, we also extend our heartfelt congratulations to our successful girls. However, the overall results are sufficiently acceptable and good.  Yet, if the students pay proper attention, their results will be better. On the other hand, the first year honours enrolment tests of general, engineering, science and technologies and agriculture universities and medical colleges for the 2023-24 academic session will begin soon.

Our girls are doing 

better than boys

 in our country

But, uncertainty looms over whether the authorities of the universities will keep entry test procedures open amid ongoing hartals and blockade. So, the admission seekers and their guardians are now confused over the admission test on time. 

We believe no one wants to disrupt our university and other higher educational institution authorities’ admission process for the sake of our students and education as well. Definitely, we can say it is indeed a remarkable achievement as our students did a good job braving obstacles. 

The children of the country are very much brilliant and if they get chance, they could make anything possible. Apart from the backbone of a nation, as education is also the tool for poverty alleviation, all concerned will have to take more initiative to ensure education for all and maintain quality in order to make the country’s meritorious students worthy citizens.

But, we apprehend that there would be tough competition for the students with glorious results to get admission into the prestigious public universities or desired subject due to very limited seats. Yet, a large number of students will also have scope to get admission into private universities and renowned colleges under the national university and go abroad for higher education considering the shortage of available seats in top universities in the country. We think the change of education system has yielded the positive results. But, our students should keep in mind that it is not enough to get only academic degrees, but at the same time it is necessary to obtain knowledge of information technology as the era is meant for the digital devices.

All students should be more attentive to study and while all concerned should pay attention to this end. The guardians will also have to work with special focus on education to build their children as worthy to cope with ever changing world.