Hridi, Sabbir’s first film with govt grant

Mir Sabbir and Hridi Huq are renowned artists of the Bangladesh acting scenario. Although they have both worked in dramas previously, this time they are going to embark on their first film, one that too is being supported by the government through grants. 

Mir Sabbir will be making ‘Raat Jaga Ful’ and Hridi Huq will be making ‘1971 Sheishob Din’. Mir Sabbir’s film along with another film being made by Akram Khan will be getting 60 lac taka as grants where as Hridi Haq’s film along with two others will be getting 50 lac taka.

The other films being made are ---Aby Raihan Mohammad Juwel’s ‘Noshu Dakat Kupokat’, Akram Khan’s ‘Bidhobader Chobi’, Hossain Mobarak’s ‘Antoshtikria’, Kobori’s ‘Ei Tumi Shei Tumi’ and others.