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How to travel alone for the first time

Published : 13 Sep 2021 02:12 AM | Updated : 18 Sep 2021 04:12 PM

Are you excited about traveling alone for the first time ever? Traveling alone seems to be difficult but it doesn't have to be frightening. You can prepare yourself for a solo adventure by doing certain things.

Where to travel alone for the first time

When you are planning where to go on a solo trip for the first time, you must select a place where you find comfort and safety.

So, how do you select the perfect place for your first-time solo trip?

1. Select a foreigner-friendly place

For your first solo traveling, you are highly recommended to choose a country with a high tourism industry. The infrastructure and systems of these countries are designed specifically for tourists. This lets travelers navigate and explore comfortably. Moreover, there are other tourists to meet with. Thus, you may make friends while experiencing your solo trip.

2. Consider the local language

You should always consider the local language of your traveling place. Most people all over the world can speak and understand English. When selecting a solo trip destination, there are a lot of cities where English isn't considered to be the first language but you may even get going alright. However, you can get relieved from a bunch of stress realizing the local people use the same language as you.

The top countries to be recommended for your first time ever solo trip include:

  • Scotland

  • Austria

  • Portugal

  • Mexico

  • Japan

  • Australia

  • New Zealand

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Here are some essential tips for traveling alone for the first time:

1. Make a plan

Once you have fixed where you're traveling, you must plan how you are going to get there and what to do after you've arrived. Flying for the first time and solo as well can be frightening. You must navigate the airport, security lines, and overwhelming feeling of fear and adventure. It naturally begins with landing in a new country without any idea of what can be expected. Rome2Rio is a wonderful website that displays different forms of transportation systems available to make your trip happen with the travel time. If you're traveling solo and for the first time as well, it's a good idea to make a plan and have a smart idea of going from Point A to B during traveling. 

2. Take additional steps to prepare yourself

Taking extra measures would ensure your safety and comfort. This might let you avoid unnecessary tensions and ease the travel experience overall. Your local insurance wouldn't be of any work while traveling overseas. Before you leave, you should buy travelers' insurance. Travelers insurance would cover injury as well as theft abroad. If you've decided to book hotels or tickets in advance, read reviews on popular websites and blogs. You must ensure the security of the place you are going to stay. Travel freaks and famous bloggers and vloggers often recommend and review popular places for traveling. Make small research in advance and enlist a thorough outline of what the journey would entail. 

3. Pack accordingly

You might have considered what to pack for a long-term vacation or a short trip. One should pack light and take only what he would actually need. This would let the traveler feel a lot more comfortable on the first solo trip. You are recommended to take a travel backpack or a small functional bag while traveling. Thus it would help to organize, arrange and keep track of the belongings. 

4. Stay connected

You may book an Uber or Lyft, find public transportation, or use google maps and go on foot to your accommodation easily with a local SIM card. You can be relieved from being lost, alone, or hungry by investing in a local SIM card. To keep in touch with people back home and let someone know where you are, you must travel with cellular data as well. It is obviously essential on a solo trip, and even more essential for solo female travelers. 

5. Trust your intuition

You've tried all the precautions to ensure your comfort and safety on your solo trip. Be patient and explore all the thrills and magic of traveling alone. Trust yourself and have faith in your instinct. Happy journey!

Haven't gone on a solo trip till now? Don't get panic! Though it might be frightening, the adventure would be so worth it. Let us know your views in the comment section. 

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1. Is traveling alone boring?

- While traveling alone, you might get a chance to explore your own self a bit more and find the inner you. Thus it is rather more exciting. 

2. Is solo trips frightening for women?

- Though it might be frightening, the adventure would be so worth it. But you would never find a better option to break your introversion.