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How to check your own phone balance (Airtel, GP, Teletalk, BL, Robi]

Published : 21 Sep 2021 10:03 PM | Updated : 22 Sep 2021 07:28 PM

How to Check Mobile Balance of Airtel, GP, Robi, Teletalk, and Banglalink in BD: All Sim Balance Check 2021

Checking a cell phone's balance has become problematic in recent years. Bangladeshi mobile phone users often carry many sim cards in their pockets, however, they often forget the balance checking code. In Bangladesh, there are primarily five mobile phone service providers.

In addition to Teletalk, there are several more private operators in Bangladesh, including Robi, Airtel, Grameenphone (GP), and Banglalink (BL). Mobile USSD codes are easy to remember, but keeping track of all the different mobile operators' USSD balance checking codes is difficult.

Don't worry, we'll give as much information as possible on how to check your balance using the USSD calling codes of all telecom companies. You may check your Airtel, GP, Robi, Teletalk, and Banglalink mobile balance quickly and conveniently by using the USSD codes listed above.

We'll explain how to check the cellphone balance of Robi, Airtel, Grameenphone (GP), Teletalk, and Banglalink in this article (BL).

Checking your mobile balance isn't difficult at all. There are a few stages involved for the end-user. To begin, we must learn each operator's unique USSD code, such as (Airtel, GP, Robi, Teletalk, and Banglalink). After that, properly key in the USSD code. Finally, your mobile phone's balance will be displayed on the screen. The USSD code for checking a mobile phone's balance differs from one carrier to the next. 

We're providing you with a list of all Bangladeshi Sim Company's individual USSD Codes.

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  • Airtel Balance Check Code: *778#

  • Grameenphone (GP) Balance Check Code: *566#

  • Teletalk Balance Check Code: *152#

  • Robi Balance Check Code: *222# or *1#

  • Banglalink Balance Check Code: *124#

How To Check Grameenphone Or Gp Balance In Bangladesh?

More than 79 million people in Bangladesh use Grameenphone, which is commonly referred to as GP because of its size. It is the world's largest mobile network operator, and it offers superior customer service compared to the competition.

  • How to Check Grameenphone Account Balance: 

The USSD Short Code *566# is the GP balance check code. After you've dialed the code, you'll see your account's current balance show.

  • How to Check GP Emergency Balance:

Emergency Balance can be checked in GP by dialing *121*1*2#.

  • How to Check GP Internet Balance: 

To check internet balance in GP, please dial *121*1*4#

How To Check Robi Balance In Bd?

Second place in Bangladesh goes to Robi Axiata Limited. Robi used to go by the alias Aktel. Is it common for strangers to inquire about how to check your Robi balance?

  • How to Check Robi Account Balance: 

Robi or Aktel account balance can be checked by dialing *222#.

  • How to Get Emergency Balance (Jhotphot) in Robi: 

To get emergency or Jhotphot balance service dial *222*16#.

  • How to Check Robi Minute Balance: 

To check Bundle minutes press *222*2#

  • How to Check Robi Internet Balance: 

For Robi internet balance dial *3#

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How To Check Airtel Balance In Bd?

Airtel Bangladesh is Bangladesh's most popular mobile phone service provider among teenagers. Most of their efforts are geared toward the Millennial demographic and feature TV commercials about friendship.

  • How to Check Airtel Account Balance: 

You can see Airtel Sim Balance by dialing *778# or *1#. A pop-up message will appear & show your Airtel Account with the validity date.

  • How to Get Emergency Balance in Airtel: 

Balance for the emergency balance of Airtel dial *141*10#.

  • How to Check Airtel Internet Balance: 

For Airtel internet balance Check or Data (MB) check press *3#

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How To Check Banglalink Balance In Bd?

The Ookla speed test award recognizes Banglalink as Bangladesh's fastest and most reliable 4G LTE Service Provider in terms of download speeds. It's Bangladesh's fastest-growing and most reliable mobile phone service provider.

  • How to Check Banglalink Account Balance: 

Banglalink balance checking code is *124#.

  • How to Get Emergency Balance in Banglalink: 

Dialing *874*10# for Banglalink Emergency balance. 

  • How to Check Banglalink Internet Balance: 

For Banglalink Internet Balance Check dial *5000*500#.

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How To Check Teletalk Balance In Bd?

Teletalk is well-known for its unique consumer bundles. It is authorized by the Government of Bangladesh. Teletalk's key consumers are females and students, as the majority of their offers are directed toward them.

  • How to Check Teletalk Account Balance: 

To check the Teletalk mobile balance you have to dial *152#. A Flush message will appear on your mobile phone which shows you the current balance of your account with the validity date.

  • How to Get Emergency Balance in Teletalk: 

To check the emergency balance you need to dial *1122# or SMS send SMS by writing “STATUS” to 1122.

  • How to Check Teletalk Minute, SMS, or Internet Balance: 

To check Teletalk Minute, SMS, or Internet pack check you have to dial *152#

Simply said, that's the whole story. You can check your balance on Airtel, GP, Robi, Teletalk, and Banglalink by using the following USSD codes in Bangladesh.