Horse carts gain popularity carrying crops in Pabna

Published : 30 Mar 2023 08:06 PM

In Chatmohar Upazila of Pabna, there is increasing demand for cattle, buffalo and horse carts for transporting crops from fields to homes. In the past, most of the people in this area used to bring crops home during the winter season by carrying it on their heads. This tendency of people is changing with the change of time. At present, to save time and labor costs and avoid risks, most people bring the crops home using various vehicles including bullock carts, buffalo carts, horse carts and engine driven trolleys.

It has been found that during the winter season, various crops including wheat, pulse, mustard, onion, garlic, black cumin are cultivated in different fields of Chatmohar. Usually in the mid of spring, these crops are brought home by the householders. Instead of the traditional method, households now depend on various vehicles to bring the ripe crops home quickly to protect them from stormy rains. Among these are bullock-buffalo carts, horse-carts and engine-driven trolleys.

Sajib Hossain, a horse cart driver, said that a horse cart can transport about 15 percent of the crops in one farm. They can transport 5 to 6 cars of crops per day depending on the distance. 

He is getting about 2000 taka per day. Many others like him are transporting crops in various wheeled vehicles. But he also said that there is no guaranteed work all the time. Horses have to be fed even when there is no work. So the profit is not much. Buffalo car and engine driven trolley drivers said that the value of our vehicles increases during the harvest. We look forward to that time. The householders said that the workers no longer want to transport crops on their heads. 

It is also time consuming. So we feel comfortable using vehicles to bring the crops home quickly.