Horrific death of a woman in city

Will the administration remain silent spectator?

Published : 03 Dec 2022 08:04 PM

We are deeply shocked and saddened at the tragic death of a woman, who was killed in a horrific road accident in Dhaka University campus area on Friday. This brutal killing also shocked, stunned and saddened the entire nation.

A private car rammed into a motorcycle, causing the ill-fated female named Rubina Akhter, 45, to fall and somehow get stuck under the car. Rubina’s brother-in-law Nurul Amin told media that he and his sister-in-law were on the the motorcycle when the car hit the bike. The car then dragged her along the road underneath it from near Shahbagh to Nilkhet crossing the Dhaka University campus.

With Rubina stuck between the front and rear axles, the driver identified as Azhar Jafar Shah, a sacked teacher of Dhaka University then drove for about a kilometre. People mostly Dhaka University students shouted and asked the motorist to stop the car. But ignoring the shouting and screams of shocked onlookers, he continued driving the car desperately forward. The university students chased the car down at Nilkhet intersection and retrieved the woman. 

Many people are dying 

every day due to 

reckless sdriving

Rubina was then immediately taken to Dhaka Medical College Hospital where she was declared dead. She was the mother of a schoolboy.

It was one of the most horrific incidents we have ever seen. Will such deadly accident continue to occur across the country? Will the authorities concerned remain silent spectator for years and count how many people meeting the tragic end of their lives on the roads and highways?

It is unfortunate that the country is losing its people to such disaster on roads and highways everyday almost throughout the year, most of which are avoidable. The Friday’s death of a female is one of the latest examples.

Many people are dying every day due to reckless driving and a lack of monitoring by the authorities concerned. Therefore, the authorities concerned must take necessary steps to curb such deadly accident on campus or any place of the country immediately. Alongside enforcement of the related laws, drivers must stop speeding competition while driving vehicles to restore order on the roads for reducing road accidents and casualties. 

If the drivers do not stop speeding competition while driving, it will not be possible to restore order on the roads.