Honey brings smile to Jalal Miah’s family, others

Published : 05 Dec 2019 07:15 PM | Updated : 03 Sep 2020 12:50 AM

Once amateur Jalal Mia, a farmer of Paramandapur village under Maharajpur union in Jhenidah Sadar upazila is now icon for honey farming as he has been producing 15 to 16 tones of honey in a year.

Jalal Mia, now a ward member of Maharajpur union parishad, said that he did not receive training to rear the honeybees, while established 11 honey boxes with Taka 6,600. Studying some documents and newspapers, he gained knowledge and technique to start the farming.

Opening the honeycombs wrapped with black colour polythene at the village field, Jalal Mia started procuring honey with a modern technique that ensured quality and efficacy of the honey.

The day labourers engaged in honey rearing and procurement, said they procure honey from the combs developed  naturally and cultivated boxes. The honeybees form combs on the branches of trees or other ways aurally, while the planned combs provide honey in boxes set around the mustard, kalojeera (cumin) and other seasonal flowers in the locality.

Honey farming has been also playing significant role in protecting bio-diversity in the said area and disseminate pollination activities of the crops round the year.

Farmer Jalal Mia said he has been producing honey in his 200 boxes. About thirteen tones of honey is expected from the boxes in the year. Further, he has been expecting procure another five tones of the same from the natural combs during the time. Approximate price of the honey might be Taka 32 lakh if there were no natural calamities during the time. He has to pay Taka five lakh for day labourer and other expenditure.

The farmer said he collects honey from Bittipara of Kushtia, Dhubail and Gurudaspur of Nature, Iswardi of Pabna, Ullapa and Serajganj, Manikganj, Shariatpur and some other areas. The bees collect honey from mustard plots, litchi orchards, cumin, Sazina tree etc. during the season.

He said hundreds of unemployed youths see him and seek his help for the farming who do not have any money for the farming. Small or medium financial investment from any financial institute might expand the honey procurement and ensure employment for them.

Maharajpur union parishad chairman Khurshid Alam said Jalal Mia, now a member of the union parishad  as the people had elected him their ward member witnessing his success in honey farming with hard labour round the year. He had already performed Hajj. Many young men have been following the same way to make themselves workaholic.

Deputy Director of the department of agriculture extension (DAE) in Jhenidah Kripangshu Sekhar Biswas when contacted for his comments said Jalal Mia is an icon in honey production and procurement in the area. His activities has been playing role in strengthening the socio-economic state of the sad people.

Further, the honey farming has been also playing significant role in protecting bio-diversity in the said area as it has been disseminating pollination activities of the crops round the year, Deputy Director said.