Honda Vezel Price In Bangladesh

Published : 17 Feb 2022 08:42 PM | Updated : 20 Feb 2022 08:08 PM

Honda is among the fastest-growing car models in Bangladesh. Many Bangladeshi are turning to own Honda cars in the recent past. Honda Vezel is among the Honda models that have registered many buyers. DHS, the official distributor of Honda in Bangladesh, imports these cars, although other importers have taken it upon themselves to sell reconditioned Honda Vezel in Bangladesh. 

Considering factors such as mileage, model, and feature, the average Honda Vezel price in Bangladesh ranges between 2,100,000 and 3,600,000 takas. However, this price is for a reconditioned car as there are no brand-new Honda Vezels in Bangladesh.

Overview of Honda Vezel

This is a semi-compact crossover SUV that is assembled by the Japanese manufacturer Honda. It is suitable for individuals and families. The car has enough space for three people in the rear with enough legroom and headspace. 

It is stylish looks like a coupe with hidden handles and the roof spoiler gives it a sportier look. It comes with three driver options and a cruise control feature that allows you to set speed when driving on a long expressway.

Let us look at some of the specific features that contribute to the Honda Vezel price in Bangladesh. For more information click here.

Fuel consumption

Honda Vezel’s fuel consumption is rated at20km/l of fuel if you use mixed driving conditions. This is good fuel consumption for an SUV that is not hybrid. Most other SUVs rate at 18km/l. 

You will not spend so much money on fueling the car every day regardless of the driving mode you choose. Vezel rates above all other competing crossover SUVs regarding fuel consumption.

Engine performance

A car is defined by how powerful its engine is. Vezel has a powerful L4 DOHC i-VTEC 1,496 cc diesel engine. This engine delivers output power up to 131 (96)/6,600 and a maximum torque of 15.8 (155)/4,600. It also features a continuously variable box that transmits this power to the wheels.

Three driving modes

The first driving mode is “Normal”. It is the best driving mode on ordinary roads and provides a smooth and comfortable drive. This is ideal if you are driving your family, especially children.

The second driving mode is “Sport”. This offers the driver an agile feeling and gives direct acceleration in winding.

The third and last driving mode is “Econ”. If you like driving at high speeds, this is what you need, especially on the highway. It is the best mode to get a car race feeling in this sporty SUV.

When you combine these driving modes with real-time AWD, this car offers a high degree of security when turning, running, or stopping. You go up to speed as high as 190 kilometers per hour.

Safety and additional features

Honda made sure to include advanced features in the Vezel model for your security when driving. The base of the car is reinforced to increase the rigidity of the steering system. Friction on every part of the suspension is minimal, and the bush is improved to guarantee a safe ride.


Vezel comes in a sleek coupe design, perfect for an individual who loves elegance. It offers a unique personality to its owner. The two-tone color scheme is particularly attention-seeking. The front grill and beautiful headlamps further enhance the look. The interior is designed so that it gives a sense of openness to the limited space inside.

The driver seat height is adjustable to suit drivers of different heights. You can fold the rear seats to create more space for luggage if you don’t have any passengers. Vezel comes with 2 USB ports that you can connect USB devices for music, an HDMI port, and 2 12V accessory power sockets if you have a device that needs charging while on transit. 

If you love the therapeutic power of music when driving, Vezel comes complete with four speakers and2 tweeters to enjoy the music of your chosen genre. The smart key system allows easy smart entry and one push to start the engine.


DHS Motors is a licensed dealer that sells Honda cars in Bangladeshi. Although they do not import and new Honda Vezel, they do an excellent job reconditioning the used cars from Japan. 

With anything between 2.1M and 3.6M Bangladeshi Taka, you can get your dream car any time. This price is quite affordable considering that many other SUVs in the same price range do not offer excellent features like the ones mentioned here.

In addition to the great value for money, you also get excellent after-sales services and a variety of genuine Honda spare parts.

Best place to buy Honda Vezel in Bangladesh

The best place to buy yourself a brand-new Honda Vezel would be from the official Honda dealer in the country, DHS Motors. Unfortunately, they do not import brand new Vezels. You can only get a reconditioned one. 

No need to worry; in Bangladesh, driving a reconditioned car is the same as driving a brand-new car. You can also check online for other companies that import cars with Vezels in their bazaars. Good places to start are SBT Japan and GarirBazar, and you can get good deals from these sites.


In Bangladesh, a reconditioned car is synonymous with a new one. It is quite affordable to buy a Honda Vezel in Bangladesh since you will buy a reconditioned car. DHS Motors provide after-sales services and have a range of genuine Honda parts, car care products, lubricants, and other accessories. 

Save a minimum of 2,100,000BDT, and you are on your way to owning one of the most popular SUVs in the country. You will enjoy a smooth and comfortable drive on the expressway while listening to your favorite music and switching between speeds and driving modes.

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