Holy Shab-e-Barat

A night to get blessings of Allah, the almighty

Published : 24 Feb 2024 08:12 PM

We greet all including our valued readers and well-wishers on the auspicious occasion of the holy Shab-e-Barat. The holy Shab-e-Barat will be observed throughout the country tonight (Sunday) as the new moon of the holy month of Shaban of Hijri 1445 was sighted in the sky of Bangladesh on February 11.

Muslim believe the holy Shab-e-Barat comes to mankind with the advent of the holy month of Ramadan and good fortune. In the subcontinent, the Shab-e-Barat is mainly celebrated as a night of good fortune. 

The devotees believe this holy night brings immense opportunity to obtain special grace and forgiveness from Allah, the Almighty. The Muslims consider Shab-e-Barat as one of the three most sacred nights and believe that on this night Allah, the Almighty decides the fate of all human beings fixing their ‘rizq’ (livelihood) for the next year. 

The Muslim devotees offer special prayers, recite from the Holy Quran, hold milad, zikr and other religious rituals seeking divine blessings for the wellbeing of mankind. Muslims around the world focus on prayers, fasting, charity and religious devotion with due religious fervour.

The devotees will throng different mosques, including the Baitul Mukarram across the city to join the Isha prayers with congregation and offer special prayers seeking divine blessings. On the night, the devotees across the country also visit graves and pray for their beloved ones seeking their eternal peace.

Holy Shab-e-Barat 

comes to mankind 

with the advent of the

 holy month of Ramadan

Many people will also visit Mazars and shrines all over the country. The Muslim families prepare traditional foods like handmade rice-bread, beef and halua (a kind of dessert made usually from semolina, carrot, chickpea or papaya) both in rural and urban areas across the country.

A large number of Muslims will observe fast today. They will distribute food and sweets among the neighbours and the poor. 

Traditionally, food and money are distributed among the destitute on the occasion. The blissful night of holy Shab-e-Barat – is a high time to get mercy and blessings of Allah, the Almighty. 

The night is more beneficial and significant to the Muslims. Therefore, the whole Muslim Ummah observes the night with due religious fervour to attain self-restraint, self-rectification and forgiveness. 

This night brings a unique opportunity of getting closer to Allah and attaining taqwa (fear of Allah). We hope, people would be able to realise the sanctity and significance of the holy Shab-e-Barat and reflect it in their personal and social lives and contribute to building a peaceful society. 

All will be inspired with the teachings of the holy Shab-e-Barat and help each other in establishing peace, amity and brotherhood in personal and social lives, shunning all ills. All must maintain the sanctity of the holy Shab-e-Barat by showing patience and restraints at all levels in life. 

Islam is the religion of peace and welfare. The ideals of Islam are the means of welfare for the present life of the people and their salvation hereafter. Along with mercy and blessings of Allah, the Almighty, we will pray for the continued progress and welfare of the country and greater unity of the Muslim Ummah on the holy night of Shab-e-Barat.