Holy Ramadan nears

Don’t hike the price of essentials

Published : 26 Feb 2024 07:59 PM

A section of business people have become desperate to increase the prices of various essential commodities with the holy month of Ramadan approaching nearer, despite the government’s measures to keep the market stable during the fasting month. Soaring prices of daily commodities have already hit hard the people, particularly low-income group.

Low-income people are passing days in miseries as skyrocketng prices of essential items are eating up their family budget. Ill attempt to create artificial crises of daily commodities ahead of Ramadan is very contemptible.

The government must stay alert so that none can create crisis of essential items during Ramadan. A honest businessman can never make people suffer by increasing the prices of essentials when they will be busy fasting and prayers. 

The government must

 stay alert so that none can 

create crises of essential 

items during Ramadan

The government has taken all necessary measures to reduce the prices of essential items so that people can trligious choir of fasting during Ramadan. Earlier, the government directed deputy commissioners (DCs) to strictly  monitor  markets. They have also been instructed to take action if anyone tries to make the kitchen market volatile in the country during Ramadan.

 Market monitoring continues at different levels of the government to ensure that prices and supplies of essential commodities remain stable during the fasting month.

Besides, the Directorate of National Consumer Rights Protection will also have to take action against the market committees of the areas where instability of commodity prices will be seen during the holy month of Ramadan. According to that data, there should not be a shortage of goods. But still, we do not understand why there is instability in the market. Importers have adequate stock of all essential commodities. So, if there is instability in any market, action should be taken against that market committee. 

We think there is no shortage of products; there is a shortage of management. Retailers, wholesale traders, and mill owners must keep the prices of commodities normal and ensure smooth supply of essentials during the upcoming holy month of Ramadan. 

The mistrust issue of the common people towards the traders should be solved. The mill owners, wholesalers, retailers, and other market associations should ensure that there will be no shortage of essential commodities including edible oil, sugar, pulses and dates in the market during Ramadan.