Holy Hajj today

Today is the day of holy Hajj. After the Fajr prayers, pilgrims left for the field of Arafat where they stayed until sunrise. The Hajj will end in Muzdalifah on Thursday night and return to Mina on Friday to complete their Hajj through sacrifice.

Labbayek Allahumma Labbayek is beinguttered in unison at the field of Arafat.

This is the destination of the worshipers staying in Mina after the Fajr prayers. You have to get there before the time of Zuhr. They will stay in the desert of Arafat all day and listen to the Khutba delivered from Masjid-e-Namirah. This time the Khutba will be translated into 10 languages including Bengali. Later, the Zuhr and Asr prayers will be performed behind the same Imam. There is no difference between rich and poor, all are the same. Everyone wears the same seamless cloth, and utters the excellence of one creator in their voice.

About 1400 years ago, it was on this ground that the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) delivered the historic Farewell Hajj in front of millions of Companions.

The pilgrims will stay overnight in Muzdalifah on their way back to Mina. Perform Maghrib and Esha prayers together under the open sky. The rule is to collect stones from here to throw in the feature of Satan at Jamarat in Mina.

However, this time the pilgrims have already been provided virus-free stones. After staying there at night, on 10 Zilhaj, they will leave for Mina after the Fajr prayers on Friday. Eid al-Adha will be celebrated in Saudi Arabia on Friday. Going to Mina, the Satan will be stoned and later sacrifices will be carried out in Jamarat.

Meanwhile, on the occasion of Hajj on Wednesday night, the ghilaf of the Holy Kaaba Sharif was changed like every year. Upon returning after completing various formalities, the pilgrims will see the Kaaba Sharif adorned with a new ghilaf with verses of the Holy Quran inlaid with gold.