Holey Artisan attack verdict

Justice prevails as seven get death sentence

We express our satisfaction over the verdict delivered on the Holey Artisan case, with the seven out of eight accused sentenced to die. The accused were involved in the brutal killing of 22 civilians and 2 police officers on the fateful night of July 1, 2016.

The verdict came from a special tribunal around 2 years after the attack, and many are commending the speedy proceedings. The attack was one of the deadliest terrorist attacks in the country that shocked the nation and the whole world.

The trial proceedings concluded in less than a year and many key witnesses gave harrowing testimony on the deadly attack which claimed so many lives. Bangladesh was under a lot of pressure internationally as the attack had claimed the lives of many foreigners. The senseless brutality of the attack left our grieving nation reeling and scarred the collective conscious of the people. 

The senseless brutality of the attack left our

 grieving nation reeling and scarred the

 collective conscious of the people

The country’s reputation was jeopardized as well as the economic future of the nation with many foreign investors on the verge of backing out of deals. Since then, the government has taken a much harder stance against all kinds of militancy and terrorist outfits and has successfully apprehended many involved in such activities. 

The government’s unyielding war on terrorism has been widely praised and has brought many involved in militancy to justice. The verdict in the Holey Artisan case cements the people’s belief in the judiciary system and the prompt proceedings are indicative of the efficiency of the criminal proceedings. 

The landmark case will stand as proof of the fairness of Bangladesh’s judiciary system. Moreover the verdict is an exemplary one which will help deter anyone in the future from taking part in militant activities. 

One can hope that the court’s decision is carried out as soon as possible. These monsters responsible for taking so many innocent lives must pay for their heinous deeds.