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Hizbut Tahrir asks BUET students for ‘crusade’ against westerners

Published : 05 Apr 2024 10:30 PM
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The outlawed extremist outfit, Hizbut Tahrir, in an email, has, yet again asked students from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology to join the movement for what they called crusade against the westerners’ and establish ‘Khilafat-e-Islami’ rule on the country, triggering a sense of panic among students.

In a three page statement, Hizbut asked students to team up with their mission, forsake all western values, consider all westerners as enemies of Islam and work for implementation of Khelafat rule.

Taking a jibe at Bangladesh Student League, the student wing of Awami League, the statement further urged students to prevent BSL from campuses as Hizbut described BSL as the biggest barrier to establish Khilafat on educational institutions.

Titled as “Thwart BSL from BUET”, the statement accused BSL and AL of promoting western cultures on the campuses, containing “threats of dire consequences for those involve in BSL and aligned with the government”.

The email came to BUET students, according to some of the recipients, within hours after a group of students appealed for their safety concerns holding a press conference on the campus on Thursday.

These students recently exposed before media that Hizbut and several 

other outfits have been pursuing a clandestine mission on the campus to gain fresh recruits.

They placed an appeal before the prime minister for the safety of their lives as a barrage of veiled life threats against them kept flooding social media particularly from handles and accounts known as mouthpiece affiliated with extremist and radical outfits.