History of Liberation War should be highlighted through cultural activities: Atiqul

Published : 23 Dec 2022 09:19 PM

'Day by day everyone is isolated from the society. People are busy with themselves. No one moves forward at the risk of others. It cannot be  called as a society. Society should be united. Everyone will stand by everyone's happiness and sadness. All will come together in various rituals. Social bonds will be strengthened through various cultural activities. The correct history of the liberation war should be highlighted through cultural activities. Terrorism, terrorism, drugs, bad culture will be removed only when we carry out cultural activities.'

Dhaka North City Corporation Mayor Atiqul Islam said these things in his speech as the chief guest at a cultural event titled 'We are in the struggle for harmony' at Justice Shahabuddin Ahmed Park in Gulshan-2 of the capital on Friday afternoon. Bangladesh Recitation Coordinating Council organized the event in collaboration with DNCC and Sammilit Sanskultur Jot.

DNCC Mayor Md. Atiqul Islam said, 'Healthy cultural practices teach people kindness, teach them to mix with everyone, make students happy by creating creativity and encourage them to play a positive role in society. Equal importance should be given to sports and cultural activities along with education in educational institutions.'

The mayor also said, 'Bangabandhu made the country independent to build a non-communal Bangladesh. He wanted people of all religions, all castes to live together in harmony. Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is working to build Bangabandhu's non-communal Sonar Bengal. Under the leadership of the Prime Minister, there should be a voice against all evil forces. The evil forces opposing the liberation war must be resisted. Cultural movement should be developed.

Highlighting the visionary leadership of the Prime Minister, the DNCC Mayor said, 'When the Prime Minister accepted the plans of mega projects including Padma Setu, Metrorail, a group of people said that these are not possible. This dream will never come true. But under the leadership of the Prime Minister today Padma Setu, Metrorail has been done. All mega projects will be completed soon. Smart Bangladesh will be developed under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in 2041.

Finally DNCC Mayor said, 'We are doing various cultural activities from the City Corporation. A few days ago there was a festival in Gulshan. We have constructed Bangabandhu Muktamanch in Uttara where cultural programs are held regularly. A cultural center has been built by repairing the executioner of Mirpur. We will gradually build cultural centers in all wards.'

Belayet Hossain, a member of the presidium of the Bangladesh Recitation Coordinating Council, presided over the program hosted by actress Rokeya Prachi.

Councilors of DNCC, Mofizur Rahman and Zakir Hossain, president of Sammilit Sanskarti Jot Golam Kudduch, general secretary of Bangladesh Recitation Coordination Council Ahkam Ullah and others were also present at the event.