Historic Santal and Farmers’ Rebellion Day observed

Published : 30 Jun 2022 09:10 PM

The historic Santal and farmers rebellion day has been observed in Dinajpur district. The Santal Rebellion is a glorious chapter in the history of the struggle against British imperialism. The Santals, led by the four brothers Sidhu, Kanu, Chand and Bhairab, resisted British imperialism and their local collaborators, the feudal lords, the usurers, their weaponized forces and the local police. On June 30, 1955, a large gathering of 10,000 Santal peasants gathered at the village of Bhagnadihi in Bhagalpur, India and decided to revolt against the imperial forces.

Santal and peasants' Day was celebrated on June 30 at Mirzapur Sadar Dinajpur Living Boat Tribal Organization. Indigenous Santal leader Himan Murmu, the founding president of the organization, said in his speech that people of ethnic communities along with locals of this region fondly remember the brave leaders including Shahid Sidhu and Kanhu for their glorious history as leaders who stood up against oppression and tyranny in the history of the Santal nation. 

But even today, the people of the Santal race in the country are in the same situation and condition. So let us strive to build our beautiful future with inspiration from that glorious history. And to do this, people must be organized. Because unity is the easiest way to solve any problem. Let us build the unity of the Santal people regardless of party affiliation.